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Cast the 2018 World Cup to your TV for free using this site

RTM Live Chromecast TV

Prefer to watch the 2018 World Cup on a bigger screen instead of a mobile device? If you have a Google Chromecast or an Android TV box at home, here’s how to enjoy live matches legally on your TV for free.

To start watching, just open TV1 or TV2 from RTM’s MyKlik website. On the bottom right of the video, you’ll find a cast icon which enables you to watch it on a TV with Google Chromecast. There’s no registration required and all you’ll need is a good WiFi connection.

The casting method via MyKlik currently works on an Android device or a PC with a chrome browser as shown above. Unfortunately, the Chromecast icon isn’t available on Safari and Chrome browsers for iOS.

If you’re new to Google Chromecast, it is a small little dongle that can turn any TV with an HDMI port into a “Smart TV”. It connects via WiFi and any smartphone on the same network can cast various video content including YouTube, Netflix and iFlix on the big screen. Your smartphone acts as the remote control and you can start casting by tapping on the Chromecast icon if it’s available.

At the moment, you can get the 2nd generation Chromecast at RM185 from Lazada. It is quite easy to set up. Just plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and you can power it with the provided USB adapter or through your TV’s spare USB port (5V1A output).

To recap, RTM will broadcast 41 out of 64 World Cup matches and this is made possible with the sponsorship from Maxis and AirAsia. If you’re on the move, you can also watch it for free on your smartphone. For Maxis/Hotlink customers, you can watch all 64 matches at RM1/match on Astro Go with free data for streaming.

Below is the World Cup schedule for Group Stages from Star2.

Group Stages (Malaysian Time)

June 14
Russia vs Saudi Arabia – 11pm – TV2 & Astro

June 15
Egypt vs Uruguay – 8pm – TV2 & Astro
Morocco vs Iran – 11pm – Astro

June 16
Portugal vs Spain – 2am – TV1 & Astro
France vs Australia – 6pm – TV2 & Astro
Argentina vs Iceland – 9pm – Astro
Peru vs Denmark – midnight – TV2 (delayed, 12.30am) & Astro

June 17
Croatia vs Nigeria – 3am – TV1 & Astro
Costa Rica vs Serbia – 8pm – TV2 & Astro
Germany vs Mexico – 11pm – Astro

June 18
Brazil vs Switzerland – 2am – Astro
Sweden vs South Korea – 8pm – Astro
Belgium vs Panama – 11pm – TV1 (delayed, 11.30pm) & Astro

June 19
Tunisia vs England – 2am – Astro
Colombia vs Japan – 8pm – TV2 & Astro
Poland vs Senegal – 11pm – Astro

June 20
Russia vs Egypt – 2am – TV1 & Astro
Portugal vs Morocco – 8pm – Astro
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia – 11pm – Astro

June 21
Iran vs Spain – 2am – TV1 & Astro
Denmark vs Australia – 8pm – TV2 & Astro
France vs Peru – 11pm – Astro

June 22
Argentina vs Croatia – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro
Brazil vs Costa Rica – 8pm – TV1 (delayed, 8.30pm) & Astro
Nigeria vs Iceland – 11pm – Astro

June 23
Serbia vs Switzerland – 2am – Astro
Belgium vs Tunisia – 8pm – TV2 & Astro
South Korea vs Mexico – 11pm – TV1 & Astro

June 24
Germany vs Sweden – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro
England vs Panama – 8pm – Astro
Japan vs Senegal – 11pm – TV1 & Astro

June 25
Poland vs Colombia – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro
Uruguay vs Russia – 10pm – Astro
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt – 10pm – TV1 (delayed, 10.30pm) & Astro
Spain vs Morocco – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro

June 26
Iran vs Portugal – 2am – Astro
Denmark vs France – 10pm – Astro
Australia vs Peru – 10pm – Astro

June 27
Nigeria vs Argentina – 2am – TV1 & Astro
Iceland vs Croatia – 2am – Astro
South Korea vs Germany – 10pm – TV1 & Astro
Mexico vs Sweden – 10pm – Astro

June 28
Serbia vs Brazil – 2am – TV1 & Astro
Switzerland vs Costa Rica – 2am – Astro
Japan vs Poland – 10pm – Astro
Senegal vs Colombia – 10pm – Astro

June 29
England vs Belgium – 2am – TV1 & Astro
Panama vs Tunisia – 2am – Astro

Alexander Wong