You can get a Samsung Galaxy Note8 at RM855 off

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Samsung Galaxy Note8 Malaysia

Previously, you can get a Samsung smartphone with 1-month free instalment when you pick up the device on an Easy Payment Plan. Now you can enjoy even more savings on a new Galaxy Note8 in Malaysia. Not only you pay less with 0% GST, Samsung is now offering two months EPP waiver for a limited time.

Originally priced at RM3,999 at time of launch, the Galaxy Note8 can now be yours for as low as RM3,144. To enjoy this offer on 0% interest EPP, you can go for 12-months instalment at RM262/month or get it on a 24-months duration at RM131/month. The two months EPP waiver (worth RM628) is deducted from the overall price and it is divided evenly across your payment duration. Whichever option you choose, you’re paying a total of RM3,144 for the device. This promo is valid from 8 June to 8 July 2018.

Alternatively, you can buy it outright for RM3,669 on SenHeng’s official store on Lazada using the SHLAST100RY voucher code. To learn more, you can check out our Galaxy Note8 review.

Thanks Hilmy for the tip!


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16 Comments for You can get a Samsung Galaxy Note8 at RM855 off


if you need to buy anything on loan, thats a clear indication you cant afford it and should settle for something lesser or find more income.


    I would agree with you phone wise. But for a car or a house, most of us have no choice.


      not necessary, ppl take advantage of free interest and discount, who dunwan to hold cash in hand?


        My thinking is a bit different. Pay off everything that you can. You never know when your safe houses are going to be raided.


    Yep, true. Well said.


    Disagree. Why would you turn down the zero interest installment offer and settle the payment in full at the time of purchase? Thats a no brainer.


    You are an idiot. Did you read the post?
    Buying outright from Sengheng is RM3669.
    Buying on an installment plan is RM3,144.

    You want to pay all just to show you can? be my guest.


    Easy payment plan is never a loan, and it is 0%, why not?


    When people who fail math trying to give financial advice.


    Disagree. If I have been offered 0% interest easy payment plan for a phone that I need: I would buy them and invest my extra money in stocks.

    I would not consider a phone purchase based on affordability but based on need.

    Please do not endorse middle class mentality to everyone.


Samsung phones no more… highly overpriced…

Switched all my devices to HuaWei….!


    Not only it’s overpriced, the quality sucks and repair cost is also high. My 1 year old Samsung malfunctioned after 1 year and Samsung service centre wants to charge me Rn2200 for repair. I have fed up and decided not to buy Samsung again. I bought a new Huawei P20 and happy with my decision.

      Safety First

      which Samsung model are you using?
      and what was wrong with it till it needs rm2k to repair?


      Yeap…. very costly for repair….
      I was a loyalist from Note 1 till Note 5.

      Switching to HuaWei was a good decision.

alwi bin mohd jidin

ok i want


It may make sense to many people to buy such devices using 0% instalments schemes but my opinion is this.

Only buy using 0% instalments scheme if you could have paid 100% of the price in single payment without any problems or dent to your bank account but now there is option to defer payments.

Don’t buy just because the defer payments makes you think that you can afford such a device when paying 3k upfront would have made you think otherwise.

Many people especially the younger folks have fallen for such plans thinking they could afford it and went on to buy many such products but end of day it still adds up and it’s still 3k or more than the starting salary of fresh graduates.

But don’t bother about what ppl say cos it’s still your money right.