Plan to get a New Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Here’s how you can save up to RM334

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Samsung Galaxy Senheng save up to RM334

This post is brought to you by Senheng and senQ.

Want to pay less for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone without being tied to a telco contract? Senheng and senQ have got an offer just for you. If you purchase the one of the stated devices on a 12-month instalment plan, you can enjoy up to RM334 off from the retail price. That means if you are planning to get a Galaxy S9+ 128GB, you can get it for less than RM3,700 now.

That’s not all, the Samsung Galaxy smartphones offer is also applicable to the Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy A8+. Read on to find out more.

Enjoy FREE 1-month instalment

From 20 April until 31 May 2018, Senheng and senQ are offering free 1-month instalment in value when you purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones with a minimum of 12-months instalment. You can do this via credit card with 0% interest or with AEON’s Easy Payment Scheme.

For example, a Galaxy S9+ 128GB retails for RM3,999 and on a 12-month instalment plan, it would normally cost you RM334 per month. With this new promotion, the total cost of the device would be RM3,665 (RM3,999-RM334) and all you’ll need to pay is RM305.42/month for 12 months (RM3,665 / 12).

If you prefer to go beyond 12 months (e.g. 18 or 24 months), you can also enjoy the same amount of savings which is stretched across a longer duration. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ 128GB would cost you just RM152.71/month (RM3,665 / 24) across 24 months which also gives you RM334 worth of savings.

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For the Galaxy Note8, you also get to save RM334 off its RM3,999 retail price. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9+ 64GB can be yours with RM317 of savings while the Galaxy S9 64GB is going for RM275 off. You can also get RM259 off on a Galaxy S8+ and RM209 off on a Galaxy A8+. This free 1-month instalment is not applicable for instalments of less than 12 months.

Why should you buy your next Samsung Galaxy smartphone from Senheng and senQ?

Extra Warranty
When you purchase a Samsung Galaxy device as a PlusOne member, you’ll enjoy additional 1-year extra warranty. This gives you extra peace of mind beyond the standard 1-year warranty from Samsung Malaysia. If you’re not a PlusOne member, you can sign up for only RM12. For existing members, just make sure you’re logged in with your PlusOne details to be entitled for the extra warranty.

Free Delivery Nationwide
Senheng and senQ also provides free delivery throughout Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. If you prefer to collect the phone yourself, you can opt for store pick up at your nearest Senheng or senQ outlet.

Trade-in Accepted
Senheng and senQ want to make it easier for you to switch to a newer phone. If you get your brand new device in-store, you can trade in your current phone and pay less for your new device. You can find out more about their trade-in program on Senheng and senQ.

To learn more about this free instalment offer and its terms and conditions, visit the Senheng and senQ website.

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6 Comments for Plan to get a New Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Here’s how you can save up to RM334


What if I pay cash? Still got discount?

Black Sheep

SenHeng always get these gimmicky stuff.

Honestly who buys from them?


Hey, I found these Samsung Galaxy S9+ 128 GB model in Shopee for only RM2,000! Is it too good to be true? ..
Also this one grabs my intention: a S9+ for RM1,200??!!

Can anyone check this out if this is real or not?


    Confirm scam. Seller 0 rating.


    If it is too good to be true, then, it is indeed too good to be true.


Samsung authorjsed store also selling the same free 1 month gor 12 month installment
No additional warranty from samsung

For senq i tot i read they charge additional RM27 for the credit card fee
But if its for additonal warranty then quite worth