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Samsung Galaxy Note8 review: This is how you make a comeback


It’s hard to think of a smartphone that has had more expectation placed on it than the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Its disastrous predecessor left a scar in the South Korean electronics giant’s reputation so deep that I don’t know how long it will take before the world stops making “will it explode?” jokes.

So, if there was any smartphone that could redeem the company’s reputation in the eyes of its harshest critics, it has to be the Galaxy Note8. This phone needs to be the best phone Samsung has ever made. It needs to be incredible. It needs to be flawless.

But, while I think the Note8 has hit the first two points absolutely on the head, it falls just short of the third point.

The Good

+ Build quality is phenomenal
+ Camera is awesome
+ Excellent display

The Bad

– Single speaker
– Average battery life
– Expensive