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Xpax is introducing postpaid plans from RM50/month

Xpax Postpaid Malaysia

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. Xpax, the prepaid brand under Celcom is introducing its first ever postpaid plans. At first, we thought this could be a direct response to Hotlink’s postpaid Flex plan, but they are actually aimed at data-centric users.

The plans aren’t officially announced yet but from the information we gathered so far, it looks like they are targeted for those aged 25 and below. There are two options – Xpax XP50 and XP79.

For RM50/month, XP50 gives you 15GB of data and unlimited calls to 5 friends on the Celcom network. On top of that, you get unlimited hi-speed late night data for YouTube between 1AM to 7AM. There’s also unlimited Music Walla for music streaming and free iflix premium access. On your birthday, you also get free 100GB of Super Video Walla which is used for video streaming.

The highest offering is XP79 at RM79/month. This plan gives you 22.5GB of high-speed data plus 15GB of free video walla. The rest of the plan is similar to XP50 and you also get unlimited YouTube between 1AM to 7AM, unlimited music streaming and free iflix premium.

For excess usage, these Xpax Postpaid plans charge 30 sen/min for voice calls and 15 sen per SMS.

Looking at the slide above that was obtained by Amanz, it looks like they are offering smartphone bundles with a 24-month contract. From the table, surprisingly you get less data if you sign up for the plan with a device.

If we compare these new postpaid with Xpax’s existing RM50/month and RM79/month prepaid data plans, you get the same amount of data if you’re aged 25 and below with its KAWKAW offering. The only differences are unlimited free calls to 5 numbers on Celcom and unlimited data for YouTube after midnight. However, you do lose out on the free 10GB Facebook and 10GB Instagram data that’s currently offered on prepaid.

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If you’re going to spend RM79/month on a postpaid, you probably might want to consider Celcom’s FIRST Gold plan at RM80/month. It comes with 10GB (weekday) + 10GB (weekend) data plus 30GB of Video Walla. On top of that, you also get unlimited calls to all networks, which I think is a better deal. Xpax says that these plans give you “XACTLY” what you want & more. What do you think?

Xpax is expected to launch these postpaid plans next week but they are already live on the online store. You can check out the XP50 Postpaid and XP79 Postpaid pages.

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Alexander Wong