Xpax now offers free Instagram data and data rollover

Xpax is giving you more value when you purchase data plans with Instagram Walla, free data for Instagram and the ability to bring any unused internet quota to the following month.

First, you’ve got Instagram Walla which is the latest service to be added to Xpax’s lineup of Walla add-ons. When you subscribe to Instagram Walla — similar to Facebook Walla — you get 1GB (RM1 daily), 10GB (RM7 weekly) or 15GB (RM20 monthly) of data for Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp and Twitter.

However, users who don’t want to subscribe to this add-on will also receive 10GB of free Instagram data when they subscribe to any internet plan. This means all your Instagram usage, including Instagram Stories, won’t be deducted from your main internet quota until you’ve finished the free 10GB. And, this free data is available for all plans from the daily RM3 1GB plan all the way to the monthly RM79 15GB plan. Your free 10GB of Instagram data will be active as long as your internet plan is active.

Besides Instagram Walla and free Instagram data, Xpax also introduced a new Data Rollover feature. This allows you to bring forward any unused data from your current internet quota or add-on subscription to the next month. However, to be eligible for this data rollover you will need to remain active on your plan by either repurchasing another data plan before your existing one expires, or through auto-renewal.

More details are at xpax.com.my