Hotlink now has a postpaid plan with unlimited calls and SMS from just RM30 |

Hotlink now has a postpaid plan with unlimited calls and SMS from just RM30

Posted:  February 26, 2018   By:    15 comments   

Hotlink debuts their new Postpaid Flex plan today, and starting from just RM30 a month, you can have a postpaid plan that comes with all the benefits of a prepaid one.

This is essentially a first from Hotlink, where they offer a postpaid product so you get billed like a Maxis customer.

Starting from RM30, users get unlimited calls and SMSes to all networks, on top of 1GB high-speed data. The idea here is that you can scale up your plan based on your usage, like if you need additional data but you can customise it at any time via the app. There’s also an array of Internet passes and unlimited app bundles as well, starting from RM5 a month for chat apps, and RM10 for unlimited social and music respectively.

For the price, it’s appealing for those who need unlimited calls and SMS with casual data use. If you need more data, you can get more with a prepaid Hotlink plan.

However, do bear in mind that if you consume your allotted data, you will be throttled down to basic internet speeds. But if you’re the sort that need more in the way of “unlimited” data, ookyo also has a plan that starts from RM 30/month.

Should you be interested in signing up you can visit any Hotlink dealers, Maxis Centers nationwide or click here.

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15 Comments for Hotlink now has a postpaid plan with unlimited calls and SMS from just RM30


Does Maxis charge GST for this new postpaid plan?

    Pengguna Prepaid. Tunggu Unifi smpai bila xkan sampai

    Postpaid got 6% GST mang.

    Only prepaid don’t have all this GST rate.

      Gold hunter

      Unifi sim Baru cut 20GB to 10GB


Read TnC number 9..

9. The Plan(s) structure is in the appended Appendix and also published on our official website at, as updated by us from time to time. Charges published are exclusive of all applicable taxes including GST.

Sundram Anantha

What new benifit for pre paid? We pay before using but no new benefits. Why?


can I use current digi no. port in to this plan?


since is still hot link, can i use top up method ?


Comparing…… Maxis Postpaid RM66 with Unlimited call with 1+5=6GB highspeed data plus unlimited either chat or social package….VERSUS … Hotlink Prepaid RM60 with unlimited call with 6GB with free either Unlimited chat or social package…………………Almost the same xcept MAXIS more RM6 + 6% GST!!!!…should give TWICE GB DATA than HOTLINK….


    Correction Hotlink 8GB not 6GB thats mean more data alreadi…


      Just except no unlimited sms lor


People still use sms in 2018 … unlimited sms at that?


Say byebye to Digi $38


Is this 4g lte internet


I am a existing maxis user, can i use this plan with existing number?


This plan put hotlink prepaid user to 'Maxis' postpaid in another way…