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TuneTalk offers 36GB of data and 1,000 minutes of calls for RM68/month

TuneTalk 36GB + 1000 calls RM68

TuneTalk is packing more value with its new data booster plan where you can add 20GB of extra data at only RM20. That’s only RM1 per GB. With its current monthly data plans and top up bonuses, you can enjoy 36GB of data plus 1,000 minutes of calls for only RM68/month.

The amount of data you get from the monthly data plans is the same from October last year. For RM28/month, you get 4GB of data and at RM48/month, you get 8GB of data. With its current top-up bonus, you get additional 4GB of data with every RM30 top up or 8GB of free data if you top up at least RM50. Do note that the free 4GB and 8GB data is only valid for 15 days.

Also included with these two data plans are free calls at 500 minutes for the 4GB plan and 1000 minutes for the 8GB option. Previously, the calls are limited to TuneTalk’s network but now they have split the quota for all-network use (non-TuneTalk numbers in Malaysia).

For the 4GB plan, you now get 100 minutes calls to all networks and 400 minutes of calls for TuneTalk to TuneTalk. Meanwhile, the 8GB plan gives you 300 minutes of calls to all network and 700 minutes to call within TuneTalk.

If the bundled data isn’t enough, 4GB monthly plan subscribers can top up 10GB of data (SMS “BP2” to 2222) for only RM10 and it follows the validity of your monthly plan. Similarly, the 8GB plan has a 20GB booster (SMS “BP3” to 2222) for only RM20/month.

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So you can maximise your prepaid plan with one of the following:

RM68/month – 36GB + 1,000 minutes of calls
-8GB bonus data for 15 days (from RM50 top up)
-8GB data for 30 days (RM48/month for plan)
-20GB data for 30 days (RM20/month for booster)
-300 minutes of calls (all network)
-700 minutes of calls (TuneTalk to TuneTalk)

RM38/month – 18GB + 500 minutes of calls
-4GB bonus data for 15 days (from RM30 top up)
-4GB data for 30 days (RM28/month for plan)
-10GB data for 30 days (RM10/month for booster)
-100 minutes of calls (all network)
-400 minutes of calls (TuneTalk to TuneTalk)

For the full details, check out Tune Talk’s Datatata page. Of course, if you want data for cheap, nothing beats its +VIBE plans.

TuneTalk Unlimited Call & SMS plan

If your priority is making calls and SMS, TuneTalk has a plan that gives you unlimited calls and SMS to all networks for RM30/month. This looks like a direct competitor for Hotlink RED postpaid.

Since you’re topping up RM30, you also get 4GB of data that’s valid for 15 days. If you need more to last a full month, you can top up 1GB of data for RM5. So the bare minimum in order to stay connected with unlimited calls and SMS, plus high-speed data is RM35/month, inclusive of the data booster add-on.

The unlimited call & SMS plan is a time-limited offer that’s available from 17 March 2018 until further notice. For more info, you can check out their monthly unlimited call plan page.

Alexander Wong