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Tune Talk lets you enjoy 10GB data for less than RM20 each month

Posted:  October 16, 2017   By:    3 comments   

Tune Talk is now giving you even more data than before. Effective today, Tune Talk gives you 4X free data and their yearly data plan gives you a whole lot more for less.

With this new revision, an RM30 top-up will give you 4GB of free data while RM50 and above will grant you 8GB for free. Unlike its previous offer, the validity of these free data is only limited to 15 days instead of 30 days previously as shown below.

(Previous free data offer)

Nevertheless, this free data upgrade is still great value but you’ll need to subscribe to a data plan if you plan on staying connected for the full month. Fortunately, Tune Talk has also upgraded its data plan offering.

For RM28/month, you get 4GB of data while RM48/month gives you 8GB of data. Now they have included free calls within TuneTalk for these plans at 500 minutes (4GB – RM28/month) and 1,000 minutes (8GB – RM48/month) respectively.

For greater savings, their yearly plan of RM200 now gives you a whopping 120GB of data which is split at 10GB/month for 12-months. That’s less than RM2 per GB and it would only cost you RM16.67/month for 10GB monthly data. As a comparison, their previous yearly plan (RM200/year) comes with 48GB of data, which is distributed at 4GB/month. Similar to the free data offer for top-ups, these new data plans are available starting today, 16 October 2017.

For more info, you can check out TuneTalk’s top up and datata page.

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3 Comments for Tune Talk lets you enjoy 10GB data for less than RM20 each month

Shaheen Iqbal

Whats the use when they have a poor network and customer care! With RM30 plan (15 days validity) to keep it active for a month, you have to top up twice, that makes it RM60!
I am currently using Tunetalk, but with above plans, I will portout soon.


The RM200 plan seem interesting…


mcm ner nak guna data booster tu.. sory sy newbis lg