Hotlink RED Prepaid Plan: Unlimited Data for social and chat

Hotlink’s new RED Prepaid offers unlimited data for social and chat apps

Posted:  January 19, 2018   By:    51 comments   

Prepaid is getting even competitive in Malaysia as telcos are dishing out more data with free unlimited features. Just recently, U Mobile had introduced its latest prepaid offering that offers unlimited data for music, social, instant messaging plus extra data for video streaming.

If you’re looking for a different network, Hotlink has responded with their new RED prepaid plan. Instead of offering free 999GB data just for Facebook, the new plan comes with free non-stop internet for either social and chat apps.

Whether you’re on daily, weekly or monthly plan, you’ll get to enjoy the same non-stop internet benefits. You’ll need to choose between RED social or RED Chat which is somewhat similar to its sub-brand, ookyo. RED Social gives you unlimited internet on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest, while RED Chat gives you unlimited access to WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, QQ and IMO. To enable these unlimited passes, you’ll need to redeem it via the Hotlink RED App.

According to its FAQ, data is unlimited but there’s a FUP (Fair Use Policy) of 1TB, which is more than enough for most users. It also mentions that you can use the non-stop RED pass via hotspot to other devices, however, speeds will be capped at 5Mbps for tethered data.

The RED Prepaid data plans cost RM3/day with 2GB of quota and RM10/week for 1.5GB of data. For monthly data options, Hotlink offers 6GB of data at RM35/month or 8GB of data at RM45/month.

If you need to make lots of voice calls, you can get unlimited calls with its higher RM60 and RM70 monthly plans. The RM60/month plan comes with 8GB of data and you can get 10GB of data at RM70/month. There are no pay per use rates and if you finished your data, there’s free 500MB of basic internet that’s capped at 64kbps.

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As an added bonus, Hotlink is also providing free 10GB of high-speed Facebook access as long as you remain active. Of course, this makes sense if you go for the RED Chat option.

A Hotlink RED sim pack costs RM10 and it comes preloaded with 300MB of 3G/4G data that’s valid for 2 days. Also included is RM5 of credit that’s valid for 5 days. Calls are charged at 15sen/30 sec while SMS costs 15 sen each to all networks. There’s also Activ10 where you can get lower rates of 6sen/30 sec for voice calls and 1 sen/SMS for your favourite contacts on the Maxis network.

For more info, visit Hotlink’s RED Prepaid page.

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51 Comments for Hotlink’s new RED Prepaid offers unlimited data for social and chat apps


RM30 / mth gets nothing…


I still prefer the old plan with 1GB happy hour per day. FAST plan afaik. I already upgraded to RED.. but hate it.


    I can see your point, unless your friends send you lots and lots of videos on these apps what's the point? Texting takes very little data.
    As for social apps like Facebook, better to limit use, they are designer digital drugs.


      FB/Whatsapp are massive surveillance tools disguised as social media, do you know why China and Russia opted out instead making their own platforms, so that their 1b population details won't fall into globalist criminal hands which is beyond monetary value?


        China and Russia opted out cause they have their own massive surveillance tools. like Wechat and VK. Both are excessively monitoring the users


    same with me. the regret after upgrade to this plan is full of shit


does Digi have similar plan? Anybody knows?


    digi prepaid live


Will we still get free 8GB/month of weekend data if subscribe to this plan? Thanks!


    Nope. That’s only available for its previous plan.


      Thank you for the reply SC. But why they still mentioned in their FAQ that the subscriber will still get free 2gb 4g weekend for life?… I will also get their feedback about this.


        Is that for the new RED plan or previous FAST plan? We found this under the Free 2GB 4G Weekend for LIFE FAQ:

        What is this promo all about?
        Customers who join Hotlink FAST Plan within promo period will enjoy FREE 2GB every weekend, for life. Customers will receive 1GB 4G/LTE on Saturday, and another 1GB 4G/LTE on Sunday every week.


          Okay Hotlink just confirmed that no 8gb 4g data weekend and happy hour in the new plan. Thanks, SC!


Is this red pass which is available for any Hotlink plan or is it a new Hotlink plan?


    These new red passes are only for the new RED prepaid. For the existing FAST prepaid users, it’s slightly different. For example, at RM35, you’re getting just 5GB of high-speed data vs 6GB on this new red pass for RED hotlink plans.

    Take note that you’ll lose out on the free 8GB weekend data and free 1GB/hour/day Happy Hour offer if you switch from Hotlink FAST to Hotlink RED plans.


      Also losing free calls to frenz!


Hotlink still No surprise!


Stop kidding and fool the consumers, you surf for a while only, you’ll get a message telling you that you’re experiencing shortage of data,.. Please top up


Without the free weekend data, this plan is quite useless in my honest opinion.

Also Maxis needs to get really relevant in providing very intriguing packages. Be competitive to Digi ffs.

I wish to change to Digi but the coverage at my place is awful for it..


They just want us to spend at least RM35 a month or if we are desperate enough to have credit for calls, we might need to topup RM50 a month which will make validity issue a chaos.

Seriously, Malaysian Telco should think of how to give us customers option to subscribe internet plan directly (instead of having to topup credit and subscribe to internet plans).


    I still maintain Hotlink extra plan as backup no. …rm33 for 1 year validity, no need pay monthly RM30+


Non-stop chat/social meaning if we sent or received video from those apps, it will free data?


Damn! Changed and absolutely downgraded…bye bye to weekend free for life!!
Feel cheated already!


lucky my area got good Digi coverage, for only rm30 with Digi live prepaid i get more data compare with this RM35 plan. Umobile is another good alternative but poor coverage.


If we buy pass rm10 for today we get 1.5Gb, the next day 1.5Gb renew and no need to pay,is it like that?



    nope, 1.5GB for 7 days, if u used 1GB for the 1st day, then u have another 0.5 gb left for the rest 6 days


      if u play fb , insta or etc is ur 1.5 data deducted ? bcz it say it is free .


        You can choose from unlimited chat (Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, Imo, QQ) or unlimited social (FB, IG, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest) and it's not use the 1.5GB quota. It's remain unlimited until expiration date.


The most important question is will existing Hotlink Fast users be forced to migrate to this new Red Plan.

If so perhaps we should look for different Telco or can we lodge some complaints.

I remember seeing somewhere Hotlink promise free 2gb on weekends forever


    U will not forced to change the plan, but the problem is, there is no free 9999GB for facebook anymore if u subscribe the RM60 for 8GB monthly.

    hmmm is that consider forcing to change the plan??? XD XD


I am using Umobile now and just request to port into hotlink with the sim card that I received few days ago. But the sim card is not yet activated and hotlink said I will be getting free 8GB per month for lifetime. ( Which I not sure this 8GB quota is the one of weekend 2gb*4=8GB or not)

Now old FAST plan is gone with new RED coming out. I still manage to get that 8GB if not old FAST or new RED better?


Haha 999GB social messaging big deal, do you know that the Arabs are major shareholders inside FB/Whatsapp just Google and you see the crown prince is Zuck's VIP guest?


Want to give please give sincerely la, social media is rubbish to people nowadays give free quota that is unrestricted instead, how much has FB paid Maxis to share private information among themselves in the deal for marketing?


still can sign up for hotlink FAST 3.0? hotlink RED is pointless


Just switched to Hotline RED and regretted. Subscribed to RED chat as I made video calls pretty often (no idea why it appeared as RED social after I chose RED chat, I thought I’ve made a mistake and subscribed another RM10 to switch to Chat and it still appears as RED social…). After making video calls via whatsapp and noticed that the normal data was being deducted. So what’s happening? Felt like being cheated.


Anyone knows Hotlink can carry forward data or not?


Lol.. Copycats..

FREE 10gb FB >> xpax hve done it.

FREE “unlimited” social & chat apps >> u mobile unlimited power.

Same old same old.. “Nothing new”.


kembalikan Plan Basic kami.. menyesal bertukar Plan terus bertukar Plan sama saja… kalo sekadar guna whasapp atau game… memang RUGi…. kadang2 susah connect internet… mcm plan basic juga…


no happy hour is a shit


How to change the Hotlink Red back to Hotlink Fast 3.0??? Anyone got any ideas?


Wow I got my happy hour (12am-12pm) back! Anyone got the same or just me after complaint to mcmc?


    Hotlink added back the happy hour…not good enough…should be no time bound?

Sufi Iqbal

Free non stop social app is not working on twitter and snapchat


How to redeem the red social thing?? It still deduct my data usage… I hv the red app.. Then? Wht Why should I do next? Of course I already buy the monthly data..


    Under "INTERNET" you can see "CLAIM". Just open it and claim.


So bad and i will never use hotlink after this


Please explain..why after 15 days on hotlink monthly plan RM 35 for 6Gb internet. It become slow eventough i still have data that make me cant even surf internet. This make my heart on fire because the balance of the data was untouch intill end of the month. I am regret for this service. Please give the best to your customers and again i am regret to this plan


so the conclucion is, do i need to change to this plan? even if it is expensive, but the coverage is pretty good. what about you guys?


60gb in the middle of the night for what? We need the data during the day where we ACTUALLY DO NEED to use them. Starting to regret buying hotlink . Fix this option please maxis!


I was about to switch from digi to maxis after the rm70 monthly plan got my interest. But after I read all these comments, I’m not sure if this a right choice to do. I work as a salesman, so I do a lot of calls per day. Can someone confirm the unlimited call is [email protected] to subscribe?