Hotlink now offers free 999GB data for Facebook

Posted:  November 3, 2017   By:    22 comments   

Hotlink is now dishing out virtually unlimited data for Facebook with its latest Free Fast Facebook offer for a year. This is applicable if you pick up a new Hotlink FAST or Hotlink Super starter pack and activate an eligible internet pass by end of this year.

The 999GB free Facebook data will be granted if you activated one of the following passes:
(a) Daily RM3 Mobile Internet Pass
(b) Weekly RM10 Mobile Internet Pass
(c) Any monthly RM35 and above Mobile Internet Pass

The validity of the free data will follow the validity of your internet pass. So a daily pass will grant you 999GB of Facebook data per day.

Unfortunately, this is only for new subscribers that activate their Hotlink sim pack from 2nd November 2017 until 31st December 2017. According to Hotlink, the free data covers usage on Facebook and Facebook Messenger app, including Facebook Videos and Facebook Live.

For more info, visit the Hotlink Free Fast Facebook page.

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22 Comments for Hotlink now offers free 999GB data for Facebook


what?? omggg


Just 1 question? Hotlink give free data for FB till 999GB. Who using data for FB until 999GB? Im using data only 2GB per month for FB. Nonsense free 999GB. lol.


    it's stated 999GB per day till 31st Dec please do calculate how much data can you use till year end…seriously do we really need that much for FB?? is it not bad enough that youngster now don't even look or talk to you..all become kepala tunduk geng..stick their face to smartphone..
    with this 999GB..soon they will forget who they are or their family..sad sad


      999gb no use at all if just for a day.. anyone can finish 1gb in a day?
      It is just a way to attract new customer sign up…cuz they don't even offer this benefit for existing users

    ping pong

    excatly , i dnt think so ppl cn using this much data for fb lor,,.funny lar . 999GB in a month for Fb crazy giveaways…plz lar give smtg useful n nt fuuny like this ~.~


      i think many complaints on this telco, this one of way to attract users nonsense.if open FB 24hours per day for a week also cant finish it.better fix other problem than make this kind of joke.

A stupid Maxis customer

time to port out and port back in … stupid Hotlink




Well. Nonsense advertisement with waste data when they give 999GB for free. Better they give 999GB for youtube. Hope hotlink will make a better offer before announced to public.


fake. When i browse videos in FACEBOOK , my data is deducted more.


    You were right #123..when i browse videos in Facebook.. Hotlink deducted my data.. Very2 dishonest..

W Bosch

Since I got this I can’t access Facebook!!!!


Called up hotlink helpline, complain that my own data was deducted when using Facebook App on my phone. What the operator told me is the free 999 GB facebook only applies to website. It does NOT apply to facebook app so my own data was deducted !!! What fucking crap !!!! Time to switch telco. Maxis sucks and dishonest !!!


    Facebook Apps are included in the free 999GB offer. Take note that the offer is only applicable to mentioned plans in the post.

    Below is from their official FAQ:
    Data used on the Facebook and Facebook Messenger app, including Facebook Videos and Facebook Live, will be counted as Facebook data and uses this pass. However, within Facebook, there are some third party sources (such as embedded YouTube videos, or external websites opened via Facebook app) which will count as normal data instead.


      i dont use fb on my phone, usually use the phone hotspot n browse it on a tab, after this new plan applied i cant browse fb on the tab anymore.tqvm.. its let me become human again


Maxis Hotlink really fck up existing users. i am using RM3 for 1Gb. Now it comes out the plan with 999Gb for 1 day and funny thing is not allow mobile theatring with another mobile. I rather maxis change it back to old policy. There are trying to change the rules but eventually just make it even more sucks.

Hotlink Cheater

You can't access Facebook and Instagram if you're using your phone as a modem.
What a cheater!.
Please right me if I'm wrong.


    Yes you are rite….we cant use facebook on this plan for hotspot/browse with desktop. It another unclear marketing strategies by maxis to suck our monies. They shld gv us more clearer pictures. Its nothing wrong being direct.


      On the very first day they offer the plan, yes. Later on they blocked it already just like that.


Did you intentionally leave out the fact that they discontinued monthly data passes that costs less than RM35? Just to push ARPU from data users to more than RM30 per month, thats a bad practice


can't load facebook while using hotspot, too poor


    ya i have same problrms with…