Samsung Galaxy S9 review: Here’s the problem with this perfect phone…

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The smartphone as we know it today has been around for about a decade now and while the recent shift in form-factor did breathe some new life into it, there doesn’t seem to be much more “revolutionary firsts” left with this blueprint. Instead, it’s now a battle of perfection and I think Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S9 is evidence of that.

Looking at the device, you might be wondering: What’s new besides the regular refresh in specs? Well, not that much — certainly nothing revolutionary. But, if you think about everything Samsung’s included in this smartphone, you’d probably be hard pressed to think of what else you could want.

I know I was. In fact, when I was making my list of pros and cons for this review, it was disproportionately skewed to the “pros” favour. All things considered, the Galaxy S9 is basically today’s perfect smartphone. Or at least it would have been if it didn’t have this one problem.

And I’d like to say that it is just a personal quibble, but it’s not. It’s pretty major and I think it’s something you should be concerned about too if you were considering buying the Galaxy S9.

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43 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S9 review: Here’s the problem with this perfect phone…


Nikon and canon should start launching their own mobile phones, afterall in any review, camera review is like one long list. Just buy processor and battery, voila Nikon or canon own mobile phone.


    Exactly. Almost 80% of the times for reviews in utube talking about camera, dual cameras/ios/aperture bla bla bla. Did they ever care about 6CA, MIMO, 5ghz wifi band, DDRX RAM speed, UFS 2.1 storage tests, band available for malaysia model, 4G+, etc?


      Humans are tends to be attracted to visual attractions. Following that, of course you only see Internet reviewers only talk about photography capability….


      They focus on camera because there’s no point focusing on something that almost every flagship smartphone has, even if some of it have better specs, that doesn’t make much of a difference on experience. For example, OnePlus 5 has 8GB of RAM, that doesn’t attract average consumers to buy it because average consumers want better camera on their smartphone. Unless you’re a mobile gamer, you would be attracted to OP5 because of it’s 8GB RAM thinking that it makes a lot difference when playing games. But in reality, that doesn’t improve on your gaming experience, the GPU does most of the job, the 8 GB of RAM is there to attract the “tech enthusiast”. These “tech enthusiast” only focus on CPU, GPU and RAM, and they neglected the part where it makes a lot of difference in experience when using the phone: camera. I’m guilty of being one of them in the past, until I bought one of the “enthusiast” brand and regretted the decision right after I test the camera. It sucks, really really sucks, don’t believe the YouTubers when they say the “enthusiast” brand phone has a camera that is on par with the flagships, they were paid / given benefits. The camera really is an important part of the phone, that’s why smartphone makers keep advertising on their camera. But if you’re a true tech enthusiast, you would know that the Pixel 2 doesn’t have the best spec in it’s camera, but the software does all the magic. The results speak for themselves, not the specs.

      But if you really think 6CA, MIMO, 5ghz wifi band, DDRX RAM speed, UFS 2.1 storage are important, go ahead and search for really in depth specs of the phones. YouTubers make review videos for average consumers. And for my personal pick, I would definitely choose Pixel 2 if I had enough money.


        I would love to buy the pixel with warranty too. What's wrong with Google? Their sales distribution network has always been so limited. Pixel sales are lethargic and yet they only sell in a few countries.
        Even a new startup like HMD Nokia can sell more phones.

        Chad Roeslandt

        Panjang-panjang kau tulis sape nak bace weih. Kau lukis kan senang.

        Chad Roeslandt

        Kau taip pepanjang penat je. Kau lukis kan senang.


      The camera is where there are still considerable progress to be made, unless there is a revolution in battery technology.


      nothing to shout on all hardwares that u mentioned cuz nearly all flagships, have the same thing.

      6ca, Malaysia telcos only have 3bands at most, so max 3ca,but now afaik, only 2ca runs.

      which one is better, 6ca with 1.2gbps or 3ca 1.2gbps in Malaysia?

      why camera, that is usp for s9, variable aperture for single lens.

      same as huawei/honor keep talking about npu cuz they r the only soc at the time being has npu, others either runs on cpu, gpu or dsp.

      ddr4x,mimo,ufs2.1 even soc or gpu, its the same as others especially those who r using same soc. even diff soc, same ip design, arm.

      must highlighted unique selling point. if not, its the same. zenfone 5 has the same hardware inside, except variable aperture. but its not as highly anticipated cuz no usp(except notch which isnt usp cuz others already use it earlier).


      why would a dumb fella like you wants to know about

      6CA, MIMO, 5ghz wifi band, DDRX RAM speed, UFS 2.1 storage tests, band available for malaysia model, 4G+, etc?

      if you are smart, you would know this already. if you dont know this, you are not getting smarter by learning this.


    Getting a partnership with current smartphones manufacturers is a “maybe” for Nikkon and Canon, but to be a smartphone maker is quite the opposite.

    Sony is the major camera sensors’ provider to the other smartphones manufacturers, but most of the time, they are beaten by the other OEM. It is not because of their camera sensors, but because of the softwares and might be from the other issues.

    Therefore, being the best conventional camera maker doesn’t make them as the best camera smartphones maker. They might end up selling their mobile phone division to the behemoth of smartphones world.


      Totally agree, the combination of machine learning and hardware is crucial for mobile camera.
      This is where Google have advantage because they have access to humongous amount of data. For example, for pixel 2's synthetic bokeh, they trained the AI with about 1 million images. That is why their "bokeh" is pretty good even without dual lenses though sometimes strange artifacts can crop up.


    Totally agreed. And if they do I hope they won't end up like Kodak! The ones from Kodak were horrible.

Zaidi kassim

waitting s11


It is already so good of a phone, what more to expect? A battery which last like ancient Nokia? Come on lah, be realistic Rory.


    If only eesha khare, a teen who invent 20 seconds phone charging were allowed then you won’t have problem with any phone and powerbank problem.


Bixby button can be assigned to something else using bxActions app in play store.


“The S9 is basically the best of what you can do with today’s technology”

and yet… in the review you pointed out HTC has better sound, Sony has better slow mo..

less than stellar battery life etc.


    its like saying ferrari has a worse fuel consumption!!!


The reasons to choose the f2.4 aperture is to have a deeper DoF when shooting macros/close -ups and having a slower e-shutter speed to capture less judder videos.

Other than those, many users/use cases wouldn't benefit much or can't really see the difference.


This is an article that should’ve not existed in the first place. Trying to be critical but still lacking in depth.


    Fully agree with you… after reading I was like what the * did I read…..


seem the camera is bias to warm color

Angry Mob fans

People are stupid. So do internet.

A phone, A life that I enjoy. A life that you all hater never know and never going to enjoy. With all new S9. And I dont care. Because thats for me. And for me only i know the way to efficiently utilise the features. I also know not to bitch like a sheeps.

Whatever sheep you are, you are still retarded. As for me, i come across all brand, most model, and found the love and the one suits me.

The display, The Exynos, The features, The OEM, the engineering, The supports, The original, The R&D.

Something retards never understand. All these are for yourself. Not for showoff, Not for fame, Not to get laid. But it change the way you live. Else, you are live your whole digital life wrong.

Good luck.

    Adee S8 & SN8 user

    Aggered… that is the way of life.. always change every second. S1 to S9.

James Belacan

This is very good handfon to buy.
A Must buy for all Samsung Hfon addicts.
10/ 10

James B

James Belacan

This fon so good that Elon Musk should send this Fon into outer space with his car.


After this site keep on promoting the the top notch iphone x and keep bashing on android on every chance possible, even if I was thinking of trying to use the the ugly top notch phone, I stopped. I use to love this for their simple reviews and good writing but now…

All of this negativity in every paragraph….

All the praise of the top notch phone even when all other reviewers ditch it for its poor choice of gestures, a first gen thing that never tooknoff…so sad.

And now, even when the antutu scores are higher than the top notch phone…

I have been using iris scanner exclusively for the past 6 months and I must say, it has a learning curve and it is very reliable unless you are using a dark sunglasses..

Using this reviewer’s logic, no one should buy and android and all must become an isheep even though it is not ‘top notch’ anymore.

Please count how many times I use top notch!


    i can count how many time you use the word top notch but i couldnt count your IQ, sad sia.


      Top notch comment~


Agree. Why Samsung cannot put a bigger battery. Less than one mah per RM of selling price. Minimum should be 4000mah. My rm700 Redmi 5+ battery is bigger.

james koteah

explosive phone! has everything we need, except for the class , which only Apple can deliver.

EH How

FYI, u could turn off the bixby button on S8 as well


When zoomed there are no grain noise but the over smoothing made it like 'oil painted' effects. Some shapes distortions on the cars and buildings. Similar problem with the sony imx400 xperia Xzs….Xz premium. Is that the normal for the flagships level smartphone camera photo?


    zoomed? only a sick dude will zoom.

    why dont you print it out and see if you can see the effect.


Chad Roeslandt

Kau taip panjang-panjang penat je. Kau lukis kan senang.


    If only they can post picture on comment, and it can’t, bitch. Comments are for opinion. They let it out what they want. Go home, drunk. lol

James Belacan

Fon must :

1. Make fon call
3. Wassap Fb Telegram
4. Take camera foto
5. Itenet


Bosan time naik tren nyer pasal..


this phone is rm100 more expensive than s8+ launching price.

but has 6gb ram, and 256gb rom!!!!!!

i will wait because my s8+ is not even 1 year old, thanks samsung !!


Fast charging power bank is not luxury theee days. If u r capable to fork out 3k+ for a phone u sure can fork out rm70+ (xiaomi’s) power bank with fast charging.


This is a click bait article… Boohooo


I don't know why Rory is complaining the obvious, given the history of Samsung making explosive phone if they are being too ambitious with the battery.
So for Samsung is a case of building a safe phone vs a dangerous phone. And the safest is to implement the battery similar to S8.