Smartphone camera comparison: Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X vs Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs S8+

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When a smartphone launches with arguably the most advanced camera module ever put into a production smartphone, you already know what the big question on everyone’s mind is: Is it the best? Is it noticeably better than the rest of the top dogs? Or is “variable aperture” just a fancy marketing term?

Well, we’re hoping to help you answer at least some of these questions. Welcome to the comparison you’ve been waiting for: Samsung’s latest flagship against the world.

OK, maybe “the world” was a little sensational, but we did pit it against every single flagship we could get our hands on. Here are the contenders:

1. Samsung Galaxy S8+
2. Apple iPhone X
3. Huawei Mate 10 Pro
4. Samsung Galaxy S9

We would have loved to include devices like the Google Pixel 2 XL (we didn’t have one on hand), the HTC U11+ (our device ran into some problems) and the new Sony Xperia XZ2 (didn’t have one on hand either), but circumstances weren’t in our favour.

That said, the pictures did still give us a good idea of the smartphone’s capabilities while we wait for 2018’s flagships to come compete with the Galaxy S9. Definitely stay tuned for that.

For this test, we looked at six different scenarios:

1. Macro
2. HDR
3. Low Light
4. Colour
5. Sharpness

Let’s see what Samsung’s fancy new camera can do.

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13 Comments for Smartphone camera comparison: Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X vs Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs S8+

Bokeh Me

Im suprised there’s no bokeh test.

Please do a series of bokeh test for indoor (low light / restaurant /foodie) and outdoor (potrait/flower/etc).

Thank you.


What about Note 8 & Pixel XL 2?


Not valid if not against Pixel 2


Now that Samsung decided to have natural-looking photos, Soyacincau praises it. When other manufacturers had this same quality, they bash them.


    From typical YouTube/web review, people condemn Samsung style of oversaturated the pic or make it dramatic but in s9 series, Samsung address it, but now they said s9 pics looks pale to others. Lol


      I don’t trust YouTube reviews. Especially when they are accepting money from a platform that is owned by the same maker as the phone. It is overrated and not worth the money. I rather buy iPhone X or a Samsung note. If it is as good as they say, why they don’t dare to sell in Malaysia. No point comparing with pixel.


it is a bit biased towards S9 because it is the latest in the smartphone arena and offering better camera so it doesn't made that much impact.

Everyone have their own interpretation when comes to camera quality and outcome.


    yeah, i do agree on your opinion. Its hard judging the photos, especially asking those who r not at the scene, on colors cuz everybody has their own preference. for me, the best is the most accurate as we see by our own eyes. colors can be edited later.

    the same as in lowlight. the scene might be brighter in some phone, but if looking at neon sign for example(read in phone arena recent review of s9 against pixel2, note 8 and ipx), its blown up, overexpose. some even causing motion blur(subject blur) due to slow shutter speed.


C'mon lah. just admit S9 is the best amongst the 4 phones. Don't hide behind writings.


These 4 phone all can take great photos, unless u compare the pics side by side zooming big big using a computer. P20 coming but I think it wont be a tremendous improvement from the mate10 pro. Those slow mo gimmick are useless.


why do people want to critic the review and complain about bias…etc.

reviews are just that.. an opinion of the writer. they can help us form an opinion and ultimately we have to make our own decision… digital images, colour, etc. are all very subjective.. and different people see it differently.


walau we… Mate10 completely 0 … so how much Samsung paid you guys??