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Xpax unlimited prepaid now offers 7 hours of 6Mbps speed bump for RM1

If you need faster speeds on Xpax unlimited prepaid, Celcom has recently introduced its 2x speed passes which start from RM1. To recap, the unlimited prepaid plans come with a speed cap of 3Mbps and these passes will double the speed cap to 6Mbps.

When the add-ons were introduced last month, it came in 3 options – RM1 for 1 hour, RM3 for 6 hours and RM10 for the entire duration of your internet pass validity. Now Celcom has introduced two new time-based options where you can enjoy 6Mbps for 7 hours for as little as RM1.

If you need a speed bump between 1am to 8am, it will cost you RM1. If you want faster speeds during the day, the 8am to 6pm pass is offered for RM2. Do note that the passes are for one-time use only and it won’t auto-renew.

Another thing you should know is that the 2x speed passes do come with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Once you hit your limit, your download speeds will go back to 3Mbps. While your data usage is still unlimited, you won’t be able to enjoy it at 6Mbps all the way if you’re heavy data user. Below is the FUP limit according to the FAQ:

  • 1 hour pass – 4GB
  • 6 hour pass – 24GB
  • 1am to 8am – 28GB
  • 8am to 6pm – 40GB
  • Internet Pass validity – 100GB

Unlike some providers, Celcom does not impose a hard quota FUP for its unlimited 3Mbps offering. However, they do reserve the right to manage its bandwidth if there’s abuse.

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As mentioned earlier, the speed add-on is purely to provide a speed bump on your mobile device and it does not add extra hotspot quota. If you need more data for hotspot, you’ll have to purchase it separately at RM1/GB per day or RM3 for 5GB data that’s valid for 3 days.

For more info, you can visit Celcom’s Xpax unlimited page.

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