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Xpax Unlimited Prepaid now offers 2x the speed but it’s not what you think it is

Xpax has recently introduced its unlimited prepaid plan that offers unlimited data and calls for RM35/month but it comes with a speed cap of 3Mbps. Shortly after that, U Mobile responded by offering 2x speed upgrade for its GX30 and GX38 prepaid plans plus twice the amount of hotspot quota.

Now it appears that Celcom is firing back by offering 2x faster speeds for its Xpax unlimited plan. At first glance, it seems that they are finally responding to U Mobile but turns out it’s not really the same thing.

The unlimited plan remains unchanged and you can subscribe to it for RM12/week or RM35/month. It comes with unlimited calls and unlimited internet plus free hotspot data of up to 3GB for the monthly option.

Despite the “2x the speed” banner, the plans are actually still speed capped at 3Mbps. To get double the speed, you’ll have to purchase the Speed Add-on as shown on the table below:

You can get 6Mbps for 1 hour at RM1 or for 6 hours for RM3. On top of that, there’s a RM10 option which follows the validity of the plan. Surprisingly, there’s no mention of the speed but it is likely to be 6Mbps as well.

If the understanding is correct, this means you can get an unlimited 6Mbps plan for RM45/month which is somewhat similar to Hotlink. The RM10 option isn’t mentioned clearly in the FAQ.

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That’s not all, the Speed Add-on also comes with a Fair Use Policy (FUP) and once you’ve hit your limit, your speed will be reduced to 3Mbps. According to the FAQ, the 6Mbps FUP is limited to 4GB for the hourly add-on and 24GB for the 6 hour pass. If you go for the long term RM10 option, you’re limited to 100GB during the validity period.

Do note that this add-on is purely for speed and it doesn’t increase your hotspot quota. If you need more data for hotspot usage, you’ll have to purchase it separately. The Xpax Unlimited plan offers 1GB of hotspot quota that’s valid for 1 day for RM1 and 5GB hotspot quota that’s valid for 3 days for RM3.

The way this 2x the speed offer is advertised is somewhat misleading and it should be made clearer that it’s an add-on option. For those that need to use hotspot regularly, it would be great if Celcom could introduce a one-off add-on similar to Hotlink.

For more info, visit Celcom’s Xpax unlimited prepaid page.

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