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Celcom offers unlimited data and calls on Xpax Prepaid for RM35/month

Shortly after Hotlink introduced its Prepaid Unlimited offering, Celcom is now introducing its “Truly Unlimited Prepaid” that’s priced from RM12. Similar to Hotlink and U Mobile GX30, the speeds are capped at 3Mbps.

The new Xpax unlimited passes come in two options – weekly and monthly. The monthly unlimited pass costs RM35 and it has 3GB of hotspot data. Meanwhile, the weekly unlimited pass costs RM12 and it comes with 1GB of hotspot data. Similar to Hotlink, the passes also come with unlimited calls to all network.

Xpax Unlimited Pass

The hotspot data is also speed capped at 3Mbps. If you need more, you can purchase extra hotspot quota at RM1 for 1GB which is valid for 1 day or RM3 for 5GB that’s valid for 3 days.

If you need faster speeds with no speed cap, you can purchase the Ultra Hour pass which costs RM1 per hour or RM2 for 3 hours (Promo: 6 hours). It is also available at RM5 for 12 hours and RM8 for 24 hours. Do note that Ultra Hour passes isn’t applicable for hotspot usage.

According to the FAQ, the new plans do not offer Unlimited Late Night YouTube and iflix VIP access. It also says Celcom’s Fair Usage Policy applies but there’s no mention of any hard cap or quota limit before your speed gets throttled. The T&C only mentions throttle speed of 64kbps for those that fully utilised their quota and P2P traffic is also throttled to 64kbps.

Celcom’s FUP is pretty generic and it doesn’t provide specific details for the unlimited prepaid plan. However, the telco reserves the right to manage your bandwidth which includes reducing your speed as part of its policy. As we’ve discovered recently, Hotlink’s Prepaid Unlimited has a FUP limit of 5GB for its daily pass, 15GB for its weekly pass and 50GB for its monthly pass. We have reached out to Celcom for more details on its actual high-speed (3Mbps) quota limit.

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Note: Celcom has confirmed to us that its Xpax Unlimited Pass has no hard quota limit. But with the FUP in place, they will have the right to manage its bandwidth if there’s abuse.

Previous Prepaid Internet pass with 3Mbps speed cap

The new Xpax passes replaces the 48GB pass for RM38/month and 18GB for RM12/week offering that was introduced early this year. The speeds were also capped at 3Mbps and it also comes with hotspot quota similar to the new passes.

So essentially, Celcom has upgraded its Xpax pass with “unlimited” quota and added unlimited calls. In addition, they have reduced the price slightly for the monthly option.

For more info, visit Celcom’s Xpax page.

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