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Digi Prepaid now offers unlimited data and calls for RM35 but not everyone will get it

Recently, it appears that Digi will soon join the unlimited prepaid plan race as a new Internet Cili Padi plan that offers unlimited internet and calls was spotted on the MyDigi app. The plan was removed almost immediately and Digi says that it was a glitch. Today, it appears that the plan is back but it is only offered to selected users.

Similar to the earlier leak, users can get to enjoy unlimited data that’s capped at 3Mbps plus unlimited calls for RM35 for 30 days. However, this isn’t a plan option that you’ll find on the typical internet plan menu.

According to our tipster, the offer is shown under MyDigi’s “Box of Surprise” which provides personalised offer based on subscriber’s usage pattern. This is somewhat similar to Maxis’ Hotlink MU that offers personalised data deals every day.

Digi Unlimited Internet calls Prepaid

At RM35/month, this is great for those that want unlimited quota and are fine with the capped 3Mbps speed. The plan is also similar to Xpax and Hotlink prepaid’s offering which also provides unlimited data and calls for RM35/month. Meanwhile, U Mobile has recently upgraded its Giler Unlimited GX30 prepaid with a higher 6Mbps speed cap and double the hotspot quota at 6GB.

Digi’s new unlimited prepaid offering isn’t listed on their website and the only RM35 options available are Cili Padi XL RM35 plan that comes with 9GB data plus unlimited YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or the BigBonus option that offers 8GB data plus 2GB free data daily between 1pm to 7pm.

Since we are casual Digi prepaid users, we couldn’t find the deal in our MyDigi App. Those that spend RM30/month regularly might have a better chance of finding the unlimited plan offer. Are you able to get the RM35 unlimited prepaid offer under Box of Surprise? Let us know in the comments below.

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Thanks Ccare Bear for the tip!

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