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Is Digi joining the Unlimited Prepaid race?

[ UPDATE 30/06/30 12:00 ] Digi’s RM35 unlimited data and call plan is now available but only for eligible users. More details here.


In the past few weeks, we have seen Maxis and Celcom offering unlimited data and calls with their respective “Truly Unlimited Prepaid” plans that start from RM35/month. Shortly after that, U Mobile has responded by upgrading its Giler Unlimited prepaid with double the speed, unlimited calls and double the hotspot quota. Now it appears that Digi is working on a comeback with its own unlimited prepaid offering.

A Lowyat.Net forummer had spotted new prepaid passes on the MyDigi App which offers Unlimited Internet + Unlimited Calls for RM12 for 7 days and RM35 for 30 days. Similar to Xpax and Hotlink prepaid, speeds are also capped at 3Mbps.

Digi Unlimited Prepaid pass

However, listing for the two unlimited passes had only appeared for a short while. There isn’t much info at the moment and it isn’t clear if it comes with hotspot quota or whether the plan comes with a hard cap similar to Hotlink. Lowyat.Net had reached out to Digi and they were told that it was a glitch that has been rectified.

With the sighting of the plan, it is an indication that Digi is rolling out a similar “unlimited data” with capped speeds like its rivals. At the time of writing, it appears that the MyDigi app is temporarily unavailable. We are guessing that the yellow telco is definitely up to something and we expect them to reveal more details very soon.


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