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The “Xiaomi SUV” we were expecting is smaller than we thought

A few days ago, Xiaomi had teased on their Weibo page that they are releasing a car. At that time, it doesn’t reveal much but the silhouette indicates that it is a rugged SUV. Since Xiaomi is making more than just smartphones and home appliances, it won’t be too surprising if they released an electric car of sorts.

After the initial teaser post went live, Xiaomi had taken it down shortly but that didn’t stop people from talking about the new product. Turns out, the new “car” is actually very different than expected.

Based on a post shared yesterday the new Xiaomi product isn’t a car that you can drive. Instead, it’s a 1:16 scale Suzuki Jimny smart remote car which will be offered via crowdfunding. The remote control car costs CNY 199 (about RM120) but it will be available for CNY 179 (about RM108) on Xiaomi’s eCommerce platform at 10am on 1st July.

There isn’t much info about the smart remote car other than it uses high-precision ABS materials with realistic details. We reckon it should be controlled via a smartphone similar to its Mi Robot Builder.

This isn’t the first time Xiaomi had offered a collectable toy via crowdfunding. A few years back, they had released a Sound Wave transformer disguised as a Mi Pad 2. The product was introduced in collaboration with Hasbro.

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Alexander Wong