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Xiaomi now has a smart 10kg washing machine with dryer and air wash feature

Xiaomi does more than just smartphones and they have ventured into smart TVs, lighting and home appliances. About two years back, they introduced a mini smart washing machine with a capacity of just 2.8kg.

Now the Chinese brand has just introduced a 10kg front loading washing machine + dryer combo which you can manage with your smartphone. What is even amazing is its pricing which costs about RM1,500 when converted to our local currency.

The Mijia washing and drying machine has a 10kg washing capacity which is said to be suitable for a family of four. It has 21 smart washing modes and it uses a BLDC inverter motor that can spin up to 1400rpm.

For days when it’s raining or hazy, it can also be used as a dryer with a capacity of 6kg. According to Xiaomi, the dryer claims to have a high sterilisation rate of 99.9% and it’s more efficient than typical drying under the sun.

The washing and drying combo machine also has an air wash feature that uses hot air and steam instead of water to remove odour and bacteria while keeping your clothes wrinkle free. This method of washing is suitable for wool coats, jackets and even plush toys.

Typically, washing machines would vibrate rigorously especially during the spin drying cycle. To reduce noise levels and harsh vibrations, the Mijia smart machine has a car-like suspension system with 4 shock absorbers and 2 shock springs.

Like any Xiaomi smart appliance, you can manage your wash and drying settings from the Mijia app. You check the current status, set child lock and it even alerts you if there are any errors or when your wash is completed.

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Of course, you can still use it the normal way via its touch panel. If you need to add extra clothes half way, Xiaomi says that you can just pause and open the door without having to wait. Of course, this is likely to be limited to drying or when the water level in the drum is low.

In China, this smart home appliance is officially priced at 2,499CNY (about RM1,499). It only comes in white and the product weighs 71kg. Power efficiency wise, the washer has a class 1 rating on its China Energy Label. Unfortunately, it’s only sold in China at the moment but there’s a small chance that it could be sold internationally.


Alexander Wong