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Xiaomi’s new Mi Pad is more than meets the eye


Apart from making affordable smartphones and smart home appliances, Xiaomi is introducing a special Mi Pad 2 in collaboration with Hasbro. The device is listed on their China Mi Store as a crowdfunding product and it has already exceeded its goal of 1,000 backers.


Remember “SoundWave” from the original Transformers series? This time, it comes in a shape of a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 instead of a tape recorder. It is priced at 169 CNY each (about RM103) and it will start shipping from 13th May 2016. Alternatively, you can also support the project for 1 CNY (RM0.61) and every 200 contributors will stand a chance to win one with free shipping.

There’s no mention if the transforming Mi Pad will be available after the crowdfunding deal is over. It looks pretty good and we want one ourselves. Don’t ask us if this Mi Pad runs on Android or Windows 10.






Alexander Wong