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ToGather: Island is now on Steam

Malaysian isometric survival game, ToGather: Island is finally available on Steam as an early access game which you can pick up for RM32. In case you missed it, ToGather: Island is a game that’s 100% made in Malaysia between Todak Studios and Studio Kamii.

The video game first debuted at Level Up Play KL 2019 at the Todak booth where attendees could get first hand experience with it. There was quite the queue when we were there for the event so it looks like there’s definitely some interest.

Early reviews on Steam look very positive too. There have been 10 reviews at the time of this article’s writing, with praise being directed at the game’s aesthetics and concept–which is promising. However, many have also noted that the game can be buggy at times with “wonky” controls. I guess that’s to be expected since it’s an early access game, but if people are still putting time into it, that’s a good sign.

According to the game’s Steam entry, the game has been released as an early access game because they still have some ways to go before it can be classified as a full game. Some features still need polishing and several more need to be added, but the developers were interested in getting this game out to the public first.

Reportedly, the initial response that they got for the game’s early debut was very valuable to the development of the video game.

“We gained valuable feedback from our play-testers and we can see major improvement in the game when we put these feedback into consideration. Thus we really think the game experience can be further improved based on the feedback from our players,” said the developers in a statement published to Steam.

With this initial release in early access, it lets more of the public try out the game for themselves, allowing the developers to test more of the game on a broader scale, which is obviously valuable for catching bugs. That being said, the developers were unable to promise a specific time for when the early access will end, but they did say that they are planning to finish the game within six months to a year of the early access release.

In the full version of the video game, it will have a multiplayer mode with up to four players per game, a full story mode with an ending consisting of four chapters, a survival mode (with other mini games), a full map with 21 islands with different environments, as well as new enemies and bosses. The current early access version is a single-player experience on one island with the enemies and stories related to that island. However, a lot of the core mechanics like crafting, cooking, collecting, fighting and questing are already available to the player.

Right now, ToGather: Island can be added to your library for a relatively low cost of RM32, but the developers have said that as more gets added to the game leading up to the full release, the price may see an increase. So, if you want to get in early and save some money, you might want to pick this up as early as possible. You can do it on the Steam Store.

You can also get all the latest updates on Studio Kamii’s Facebook page or their official website.