Everything you missed at Level Up Play KL 2019

This post is brought to you by Todak.

Level Up Play KL 2019 happened over the weekend and it was pretty darn cool because it gave the public the rare opportunity not just to speak to the people in the local gaming industry, but also give them the chance to try out a whole bunch of awesome unreleased games. Now, if you wanted to check it out but didn’t get the chance to, we’ve got some good news for you because we were at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Sunday to catch the event ourselves. Here’s what you missed!

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Now, there’s a lot of ground to cover, so we definitely missed some stuff too, but let’s start with one of the major sponsors of Level Up KL: Todak.

For those who are maybe a little out of the loop, Todak is one of the bigger names in the local gaming scene right now. While they’ve built up a reputation around their premium gaming chairs, the company is actually involved in several facets of the gaming community and the Malaysian culture scene as a whole.

At Level Up, Todak showed off some of the latest products that they were planning to launch sometime in January of 2020. The products encompass a whole suite of gaming peripherals including a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, gaming mousepad, and gaming headset, among others.

On top of just looking pretty sick, these peripherals also have uniquely Malaysian names including the mousepad which is called the Todak Permaidani which basically translates to carpet. Besides peripherals, Todak also had a bunch of their cool apparel on display.

That being said, the crowd at the Todak booth was probably most excited about one thing, and that’s the brand new game ToGather:Island, developed by Todak Studios and Studio Kamii.

It’s a survival game that’s 100% made in Malaysia, and you can learn more about it here.

Besides Todak, there were also several other local games on display that were available for the public to try out. One of them is called GigaBash.

Its an arena brawler that pits players against one another. Each player controls a monster in a destructible environment whose job is to kick the other player’s butt.

It looked pretty fun, and as a bonus, the monsters can get pretty darn cute too.

Besides that, Magnus Games’ cooperative simulation RPG Re:Legend was also there for visitors to try out.

This game combines the hunting-gathering aspect of Harvest Moon with the RPG questing and monster-raising elements of something like Monster Rancher.

Also on display was the highly anticipated title No Straight Roads.

This game is built by Final Fantasy XV lead game designer Wan Hazmer as well as Street Fighter V’s concept artist Daim Dziauddin.

The game is an action-adventure about indie rock stars literally taking the fight to an evil EDM empire.

If you want something a little more light-hearted, you might like Streamline’s Bake ‘n Switch.

It’s a co-op game where your job is to bake bread. No, really.

Of course, it does it in its own charming way where the dough is adorable and you have to toss them into the oven while knocking out other elements that may want to taint your though, but the premise is pretty straightforward.

There were also a bunch of other developers with booths scattered around the hall with a whole bunch of fascinating games on display.

New games weren’t the only things on display, as there was also an entire section dedicated to eSports.

Acer’s Predator League was going on, which is an RM63,000 DotA 2 tournament. While that was going on, the CS:GO Intercollege Cyber Challenge was also running, so we got to catch Sunway Esports play a close map versus TARUC IGS.

We also saw performances from Ola Aphrodite on the Main Stage.

Cosplayer Tomia also made an appearance at the Re:Legend booth to meet and take photos with fans.

YingTze showed up at the Republic GG Booth which caused the whole booth to quite literally explode with fans.

Besides performances, games and cosplayers, Level Up Play also had a big Marvel display, celebrating 80 years.

There were figurines and merchandise everywhere.

There was also a section dedicated to card games, which was pretty awesome.

There were also a whole bunch of booths that sold merchandise and various paraphernalia.

And that’s about all we saw that was interesting in Level Up Play KL 2019. It was a pretty big event spanning multiple days, so you probably saw some stuff we missed too. Be sure to share your favourite parts about Level Up Play KL 2019 in the comments below.