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Todak Studios will debut a game that’s 100% made in Malaysia at Level Up Play KL 2019

You may have heard of Todak before. They’re probably most well known for making high-end gaming chairs, and their highly amusing billboard ads. But, that may be a thing of the past because Todak is poised to expand their field by getting into the industry of game development. In fact, they’re already working on a title alongside Studio Kamii. And, they’re scheduled to unveil it at their booth in this year’s Level Up Play KL.

The game is called ToGather:Island and it’s an isometric survival game that isn’t too unlike Minecraft. In the game, you play as someone who’s stranded on foreign island, and you have to gather, farm, build, and survive the terrors of the location. There’s some level of technology, with characters apparently able to build huge mechanised creatures to traverse terrain.

Aesthetically, it has its own distinct style that isn’t trying to mimic realism, resulting in something that looks quite pretty. From the trailer, the main thing that’s a little off-putting to me are the character’s faces. Although their models are a little chibi, their faces look like the belong on the Easter Island. Still, what’s most important is how the game plays, and from the snippet on Facebook, it looks like the combat can get quite explosive.

HEY GUYS!We will be at @levelupmy this weekend,Drop to stand a chance to beta test our games to-gather island from…

Posted by Todak on Khamis, 7 November 2019

As mentioned earlier, Todak Studios will be showcasing their game at Level Up Play KL 2019 from the 9th-10th of November 2019. If you drop by their booth, you might stand a chance to beta test this very game. Level Up Play KL 2019 will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre this weekend. This event is designed specifically for game developers and their fans to connect on a level you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to–and Todak is one of their major partners.

There will be a whole bunch of activities running at the same time, including eSports tournaments like the Predator League, Street Fighter V invitationals, Intercollege Cyber Challenge CS:GO Playoff, and the Grandfinal Axis eSports League 2019. The Video Game Orchestra will also be performing at the event and tickets are priced at RM108. For more details, you can head on over to the official website of Level Up Play 2019 right here.