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TM cuts 100Mbps Unifi Biz broadband subscription fee by 60%

TM has finally reduced its Unifi broadband offering for business users after more than a year since the revision of its Unifi Home broadband plans. The base Unifi Biz plan is now 100Mbps and it’s going for RM139/month. That’s 60% cheaper than the previous rate of RM349/month.

New Unifi Biz Plans

At first glance, the new Biz plans may look confusing but essentially they have upgraded their plans while reducing the base plan pricing. The so-called 100Mbps Unifi Biz Pro and 30Mbps Unifi Biz Advance plans are getting a “Turbo Upgrade” with speeds of 800Mbps and 300Mbps respectively. To make it easier to understand here’s how much it will cost you based on speed:

100Mbps (Biz Lite) – RM139/month
300Mbps (Biz Advance) – RM249/month
800Mbps (Biz Pro) – RM349/month

For the 100Mbps plan, it comes with Simple Voice Plan 30 that offers RM30 worth of local calls. Meanwhile, the Biz Advance and Biz Pro plans are bundled with Simple Voice Plan 50 (RM50) and 70 (RM70) respectively that comes with free calls to fixed lines.

In conjunction with the year-end “Pay Nothing” promo, you can enjoy fee waiver until 31st December 2019. That means you only pay starting from 1st January 2020. You can learn more at Unifi’s Biz page.

The 100Mbps Biz Plan at RM139/month puts Unifi on par with Maxis’ OneBusiness Fibre that also offers 100Mbps for RM139/month. The difference is that Maxis bundles unlimited domestic voice calls and they also provide a backup wireless 4G LTE connection for free.

Old Unifi Biz Plans

As a comparison, below is the old Unifi Biz rate plans:

10Mbps – RM179/month
30Mbps – RM249/month
100Mbps – RM349/month

Sometime in November last year, some Unifi Biz customers were given Turbo upgrade with speeds up to 500Mbps. This is of course, subject to technical limitation and you may not get the upgrade if you’re on VDSL.

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New “Streamyx” Biz Plans

If you’re out of fibre coverage, TM has also revised its “Streamyx” broadband offering. They have discontinued the 1Mbps plan and the entry-level offering is 2Mbps at RM198/month (first 24 months). The highest option is 8Mbps at RM248/month (first 24 months). It is slightly cheaper than before but it is still too much to pay per Mbps. If you’re within TM’s TDD-LTE coverage, you might as well subscribe to Unifi Air.

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