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Unifi Pay Nothing Promo: Existing customers can enjoy free broadband until 2020

As revealed yesterday, TM is kicking off a Pay Nothing campaign where new Unifi customers can sign up and pay RM0 for their broadband, and only pay from 1st January 2020. Turns out that existing customers can also enjoy the same perks and enjoy free internet until 31st December 2019.

New Subscribers

For new customers, just sign up for any new Unifi Home or Unifi Biz plans to enjoy a package fee waiver until the end of 2019. If you sign up online, TM says you can enjoy 24-hour installation (subject to slot availability) and a chance to win 12 months free subscription.

The plan is not applicable for Unifi Basic (60GB), Unifi Lite and Unifi Air. Below are the eligible Unifi Home and Biz plans under the promotion:

Unifi Home
300Mbps – RM199/month
100Mbps + TV – RM159/month
100Mbps – RM129/month
30Mbps VDSL – RM139/month
30Mbps unlimited – RM89/month

Unifi Biz
100Mbps Pro Plan – RM139/month
30Mbps (Turbo upgrade to 300Mbps) – RM249/month
50Mbps 2019 (Turbo upgrade to 500Mbps) – RM299/month
100Mbps 2019 (Turbo upgrade to 800Mbps) – RM349/month

Existing Subscribers

If you’re currently a Unifi Home and Biz customer, you can also enjoy this “Pay Nothing” promo but you’ll need to renew your contract with another 24 months duration to enjoy the waiver until 31st December 2019. Customers will also need to remain active and have no outstanding payment to enjoy this promo.

According to the FAQ, this isn’t applicable to Unifi Basic (60GB), Unifi Lite, Unifi Air, Unifi Mobile and Smart Partnership customers. For Unifi Biz customers, you can renew based on your existing plan or upgrade to Unifi Biz latest plans.

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Do note that the fee waiver is only between 1st October to 31st December 2019, and it is based on your billing cycle. If your billing cycle falls on 7th October and if you activate from 10th October, your waiver will only begin from 10th October until 31st December 2019. If you redeem earlier, the waiver will start on 7th October and ends on 31st December 2019. This means you will need to redeem this offer before or on your billing date to enjoy the maximum possible waiver.

At the moment, you can only renew your contract via Unifi’s portal and it will be coming soon to the MyUnifi app. To learn more, visit Unifi’s Pay Nothing page.

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