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Unifi Biz customers are starting to get their Turbo speed upgrade

Unifi Fibre Business Turbo Speed Upgrade

When TM announced their Turbo speed upgrade for Unifi, it was only limited to home users. We are told that the speed upgrades for business subscribers will be rolled out at a later date. Before the year comes to an end, it appears that TM has commenced its first phase of Unifi Biz Turbo upgrades. 

According to Lowyat.Net, TM had contacted selected Unifi Biz customers of an upcoming speed bump. Their tipster who’s previously on a 30Mbps plan will be upgraded to 500Mbps. It is worth noting that this is slightly different from Unifi home users. 

Turbo Upgrade for Unifi Home customers

TM has not officially made any announcements and it isn’t clear if there are price revisions for their current business plans. At the moment, TM charges RM199/month for 10Mbps and RM299/month for 30Mbps. Their highest option is 100Mbps at RM399/month.

Assuming that TM charges RM199/month for 100Mbps, it is still quite pricy compared to Maxis fibre business plans that offer 100Mbps with unlimited calls and 4G LTE backup for RM139/month. TIME also has yet to announce any price revision and upgrades for their business customers. At the moment, TIME charges RM188/month for 20Mbps fibre broadband for business. 

If you’re using Unifi for your business, have you gotten any emails from TM? Let us know in the comments below. 


Alexander Wong