Tune Talk CEO apologises for recent data issues

Tune Talk CEO, Ameen Amaendran, has issued a formal apology for data connectivity issues experienced by its customers in the past week. He acknowledged the importance of staying connected 24/7 and says the frustration by its customers is completely justified.

According to the CEO, the recent issues on Tune Talk were caused by network outages of its data service provider. They are in continuous talks with the relevant parties and hope that its customers will continue to be with them during this critical time. He also apologises for the inconvenience caused during the network interruptions.

The telco had suffered data connectivity earlier today at around 2:30pm and it has been resolved a few hours later. Tune Talk is an Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that operates on Celcom’s network. In the past month, Celcom had faced a couple of network issues with the latest incident reported yesterday. On the eve of National Day, the blue telco had also encountered a major network outage in northern states of Peninsular Malaysia due to double fibre failure. Celcom CEO, Idham Nawawi, had tweeted that they are planning for triple-redundancy to prevent such outages from reoccurring.

Alexander Wong