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Celcom faces network disruption, Tune Talk and Yoodo also affected

It’s barely a month since its last major outage and Celcom appears to face yet another network interruption. Celcom is aware of the issue and they aim to resolve it by this morning. According to the Blue telco, customers in scattered areas nationwide may experience disruptions for data services.

It isn’t clear what is the cause of the problem but we can confirm that it affects Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) such as Yoodo and Tune Talk. According to Yoodo, their app services are down but their calls and SMS are not affected.

For Tune Talk, they have acknowledged the network interruption and added that Celcom’s technical team is still investigating. For those who are still having issues after 10AM, Celcom is urging customers to restart their phones or turn on/off flight mode.

Are you still having data issues on your Celcom line? Let us know in the comments below.

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