#KhabarBaik: The solution for Streamyx is up in the air

TM is organising a #KhabarBaik event next week which is expected to deliver good news to Streamyx customers. The broadband provider had recently presented a plan to Gobind Singh, the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, on its initiatives to tackle the Streamyx problem. The actual details will be shared to the public on 6th August 2019 and the event will be streamed live on Facebook.

Ahead of the event, Unifi’s Twitter account had dropped a short teaser video that mentions “Something’s up in the AIR” and it will be revealed four more days. The video has no audio and it shows a girl removing her makeup. Similar to the original teaser image, there’s a text that says “SATU PELUANG (one chance) OUR HALF OF THE STORY.”

During the Kembara Digital Malaysia event, it was revealed that TM will be slashing its 8Mbps Streamyx offering to RM89/month and existing users can enjoy the plan at a lower RM69/month. In addition, the broadband provider is also launching a new wireless broadband alternative to address the issues faced by Streamyx customers as they roll out their new network which is expected to be completed by 2021.

So what’s up in the AIR? Recently a leaked slide was spotted online which reveals a new Unifi Air offering that promises to provide fibre-like speeds with unlimited quota. It looks similar to the current Wireless Home broadband offering, as it costs RM79/month but the difference is that you get the wireless router for free and it comes with unlimited quota.

Since the Huawei B618-65D router is provided for free, there’s a contract of 24-months. The Unifi Air service will run on their LTE network using a 2.3GHz band. We will be there at the #KhabarBaik launch so stay tuned to us for the latest updates.

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