TM to deliver #khabarbaik for Streamyx users next week

Last weekend, TM had presented their plan of bringing its existing Streamyx customers up to speed with alternative broadband technologies. The full details will be unveiled in just five days as TM has scheduled a #KhabarBaik event on 6th August 2019.

The official invite from TM says that it will be history in the making all over again. It also mentions “From Malaysia’s pioneer in broadband technology, comes yet another true innovation that will ensure no one is left behind.”

During the Kembara Digital Malaysia event that was held in Ipoh, TM has announced a new network rollout that will address connectivity issues faced by the remaining 934,000 Streamyx and Unifi customers that have yet to be upgraded.

From now until 2021, existing users will be migrated to new technologies which include fibre, wireless broadband and Giga Wire. They aim 70% of these users (approximately 650,000) will be upgraded by the end of 2020.

In case you missed it, Giga Wire is a technology that can deliver gigabit speeds through existing copper wires. There’s no rewiring required and it is an alternative way to deploy high-speed broadband in existing buildings. YTL Communications had successfully conducted Giga Wire tests in several old buildings and they managed to achieve download speeds of up to 876Mbps. In places where there’s no fibre network, Giga Wire can utilise Terragraph as the backhaul.

While TM expands its network, the provider will be reducing its 8Mbps Streamyx subscription fee from RM160/month to RM89/month. If you’re an existing Streamyx user, you will get to enjoy a lower subscription fee of RM69/month. For those than need more than 8Mbps, TM will be announcing a new wireless broadband alternative which could be called “Unifi Air.”

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We will be at the launch event so stay tuned to us for the full details.

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