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Celcom says they are ready to showcase 5G at Putrajaya next week

Celcom has reaffirmed its readiness to roll out 5G in Malaysia with its participation at the upcoming 5G showcase at Putrajaya. The telco which is one of the members of the 5G taskforce formed by MCMC has also revealed that thier test site for 5G has been established at the administrative capital.

Although commercial 5G rollout is still a few years ago, Celcom emphasises that they have been long prepared for it. They added that the telco was the first to conduct a 5G trial together in Ericsson back in 2017. The 5G test at that time was claimed to be the first in South East Asia to utilise the higher 28GHz band and it achieved a peak speed of 18Gbps on its 5G radio prototype.

The upcoming 5G showcase at Putrajaya is taking place on 18th April 2019 and it will be open to the public from 20th to 21st April 2019. According to MCMC, the showcase gives Malaysians the opportunity to view first-hand the benefits of 5G and how it will impact their lives. According to Celcom, they will demonstrate its capability through several use cases which include hologram dialogue, autonomous self-driving car and immersive conference.

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