Celcom and Ericsson shows off 18Gbps on 5G but you can’t get it today

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Celcom and Ericsson today had teamed up to showcase Malaysia’s first 5G trial. Not only this is the first in the country but it’s also the first 5G trial to be conducted in South East Asia utilising the higher 28GHz band.

5G opens up new possibilities for an even connected world. With 5G, more devices can be connected simultaneously beyond the usage of mobile, tablets and computers. This includes IoT (Internet of Things), real-time virtual reality and mission critical applications that involve robotics and autonomous vehicle systems.

Apart from delivering high speed, 5G offers ultra low latency and higher throughput. On top of that, there’s also Narrowband 5G which allows a swarm of low energy and low bandwidth IoT sensors and monitors to be connected more efficiently.

During Celcom and Ericsson’s trial lab at Menara Celcom, they had demonstrated its capabilities of hitting 18Gbps speeds on its 5G radio prototype. 5G isn’t ratified at the moment and it will take a couple of years before it is commercially available.

In certain markets, some operators have plans to conduct 5G consumer trials as early as this year. In the US, Verizon will offer fixed wireless 5G services in 11 cities starting Q2 2017 in partnership with Ericsson and Samsung. Verizon’s trials will utilise both 28GHz and 39GHz spectrum bands.

When we asked Celcom, they mentioned there are currently no plans to conduct 5G user trials in Malaysia. However, they aim to deploy 5G once it is commercially available sometime in 2020. By then, consumers should have access to a variety of 5G supported devices.

In the meantime, Celcom is bridging that gap by rolling out its Lightning Fast LTE Advanced Network with 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM. This would offer up to 480Mbps download with a supported handset like the Galaxy S8 and Huawei P10 Plus.

Their Lightning Fast network will be rolled out the beginning of August 2017 starting in the Klang Valley. Celcom wants to increase its 4G LTE footprint with 2800 new sites this year to cover 85% of the population by year end. This includes 40% population for LTE Advanced and 10% for Lightning Fast LTE Advanced. As an evolution towards 5G, Celcom is also looking to deploy LTE Advanced Pro with more than 1Gbps speeds next year.

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21 Comments for Celcom and Ericsson shows off 18Gbps on 5G but you can’t get it today


I don't want to use 10 lanes highways but on only can go 1km.. 5 lanes highway is enough but can go 1000km


    This one more like 18 lanes highway going 100m dash only… Hahaha




this certainly has no benefit with the general consumers as of now, it's just something celcom make investors feel good about axiata stock…
as of today, celcom is having a bad day. intermittently can't call out.. call customer cs, said network degration. LOL

exasperated user

reality check:

18GB/s divide by 150 concurrent user = 512kB/s experience


    How do u divide?
    idk if I wrong correct me,
    since 1gb = 1024mb
    then 18gb = 18432mb
    if 18GB/s divide by 150 concurrent user should be
    18432/150 = 122.88mb/s
    Therefor each user in 150 population that connect to the same tower will experience 122.88mb/s speed

Bertram Gilfoyle



I wish company focus more on installing 4G on every tower instead of implementing 5G to the very few.


If the service would be available only in 2020, why making loud noise now?


    Celcom marketing is from government as celcom is GLC la. If no marketing effort, how those bumi contractor get money into pocket? The whole launch quoted as 50k cost and 30k alrdy masuk and divided into the bumi boss la.. simple rules of Malaysia BN, u still Tak Tau ah… welcome to bolehland!!!

    Xpax banyak launch.. launch those idiot plan and marketing.. why still launch ? It’s a way bumi contractor makan Wang ma…

      The AA

      Hope u have every proof to every single accusation been made.


Without the 5G licensed spectrum doing the trial. What is this for?


Current poor network problems also not yet solve wanna think of 5g


U say what celcom?

Mobile User

Celcom network is not consistant at least 2 months until today… please improve your network consistancy first!


No matter how fast Celcom can gives, no coverage still a piece of shit.


please stabilize the current 4g network fist if compare to other country our 4g equal like other country 3g …


Malaysian complain guide


If mobile network give best quality and coverage

> Complain expensive and overpriced. Not going to pay for that

If mobile network give a lot of data

> Complain network sucks. Give unlimited for what? Cannot use.

If mobile network increase speed

> Complain useless speed if not unlimited. 100GB not enough for phone if so fast. Better get slow speed but unlimited quota.

If mobile network offer unlimited quota at cheap price

> Complain slow. What for unlimited if not fast enough.


    Complaint will leads to improvements.

    The AA

    Couldn't agree more.


Give and take. You get what you paid for. Simple.