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Latest iPhone XI leak seems to confirm a previously revealed triple-camera layout

This year, it appears that Apple will finally jump on triple-camera bandwagon for the upcoming iPhone. A few months ago, serial leakster @onleaks had shared a high quality render of what the next “iPhone XI” might look like and it features a squarish camera bump that has a triple-camera array. Unlike the Mate 20 Pro that has a Porsche 919 headlamp inspired layout, the placement of the iPhone’s triple camera looks rather messy.

If you’re hoping for a cleaner design, unfortunately, it appears that Apple is going for an asymmetrical layout based on the latest leaked picture from @Onleaks.

Following a recent render that showed a more symmetrical camera placement, @Onleaks had tweeted that the suggested 4×4 layout is inaccurate and the camera bump is actually much larger.

To substantiate his claims, he had also tweeted what appears to be a picture of a prototype frame for the new iPhone. If you look closely at the top left corner, you can see cut out holes which seem to match the camera sensor placements of his original render.

We still don’t know what the individual cameras are for but we are guessing that the one in the middle is the main shooter, and it is accompanied with probably an ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lens on the left. Apple has always been using telephoto for its secondary camera, so it isn’t clear if their next move will be pushing its zoom capability further or to add more versatility with an ultra-wide-angle shooter.

The new iPhone series is expected to be revealed sometime in September this year which is likely to be after the launch of the Galaxy Note10. It was also recently rumoured that the next iPhone may come with a wireless charging feature similar to Huawei’s Reverse Wireless charge and Samsung’s PowerShare. It is also rumoured that the next iPhone might finally ditch the slow 5W charger for a faster 18W USB-C unit and it comes with a USB-C to lightning cable in the box.

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What do you think of the camera bump design? Let us know in the comments below.


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