Leaks suggest Apple’s next iPhone might feature a square triple-camera setup

A new year, a new iPhone and if our calculations are right, Apple is expected to release its next iPhone sometime around the third quarter of this year, probably around September. Many are expecting the device to be called the iPhone 11.

While we are still a good six months away from when the new iPhone is expected to make its debut there is no short supply of rumours and so-called leaks about the device flying around.

Usually, we don’t give much attention to speculation, that is until more information can be obtained. Is the source credible? Has the source been reliable in the past? Based on past launching, what is the likelihood of Apple releasing such a device? If after looking at all these factors and more, we see a convincing probability that Apple may release something similar to the leaks, only then do we post about it and from what we can gather, the information seem rather convincing.

According to Macotakara, a Japanese tech website, the iPhone 11 will come with a triple rear camera setup which is positioned inside a square at the top left corner. This, apparently, is confirmed by contacts within Apple’s own supply chain in China.

This isn’t the first time the apperent design of Apple’s next iPhone was leaked online. Back in January, Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as OnLeaks, released a design render of what he claims is the iPhone 11 but he was criticised because the design was seen as too ugly, too ugly that it is inconceivable to think that Apple would use it on the iPhone.

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Following that, Steve revealed a second design render, this time the images looked more convincing with a more conventional placement for the rear camera. It had a horizontal triple-camera layout with what looked like a ring-light surrounding the middle camera. Not only that, you can spot a tiny microphone situated just below the camera as well.

However, Macotakara via its sources from apparently Apple’s own supply chain in China seemed to have confirmed that Apple will be using the square camera layout.

Macotakara said that Apple tweaked the design, making the cameras symmetrical as compared to the asymmetrical approach of the render images earlier released by OnLeaks.

Does the iPhone 11’s boxy camera design look familiar to you? If it does, take a look at the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It looks very similar to the rumour Apple design but instead of being offset to the side, the Mate 20’s triple camera is mounted right in the middle. This, I would argue, looks better.

Interestingly, the four circles that make up the Mate 20’s camera module is said to be inspired by Porsche’s four-point-principle headlamp design philosophy that was created to make Porsche’s model range look distinctive and bold.

Now, there is no official information on when the iPhone 11 will be released. However, there are speculations by The Sun UK and Techradar claiming that the device will be launched in September 2019.