Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on video reveals eSIM support

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first substantial foldable smartphone to be announced early this year. The device was previewed at MWC19 but nobody could touch it as it was kept behind a glass panel. Ahead of its commercial release, there’s now a hands-on video which is apparently recorded in Vietnam. It reveals a couple of things which wasn’t shown in the promo video.

Half way through the hands-on clip, it showed the about page of the phone’s settings. If you look under the serial number, you’ll notice that the Galaxy Fold has an eSIM for its secondary IMEI number. This could be the first Samsung smartphone to support an eSIM. This feature allows you to enable a data plan or a secondary mobile number without requiring a physical SIM card.

Another thing worth pointing out is that you can see a noticeable crease in the middle of the display where the 7.3″ screen folds in half. This is the same issue with the early Huawei Mate X unit which we saw at Barcelona. It is worth noting that this Galaxy Fold is a prototype model as indicated by the random codes marked on the back. Hopefully, Samsung will solve the creasing problem on the final product.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to be released in Q2 2019 and it is priced at USD 1,980 (about RM8,057).

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