The ASUS ZenFone 5 is ingenious

I think something that a lot of people forget is that in technology, it’s not about who does it first, it’s about who does it best. Google wasn’t the first search engine, Apple wasn’t the first company to come up with a “smartphone”, and Facebook wasn’t the first social media network.

Being the first to bring something into the market is severely overrated and it looks like ASUS has realised that too. With its brand new smartphone — the ZenFone 5 — the company looks like it’s ditching all attempts at being first, or even original. Instead, they focused on borrowing the good bits from several of the top smartphone makers, tweaking them (in some cases, improving upon them), then combining all of it into a smartphone.

Sure, you could say that they’re just blatantly copying their competition’s homework, but I think it’s a stroke of genius and here’s why.

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The clash of (rumoured) flagships: LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7


The Mobile World Congress has always been an exciting event for mobile enthusiasts. Tons of new phones, tons of new devices and a whole lot of people. But smartphone manufacturers have begun to hijack the crowd that will be going to MWC and have their own launch event just before it.

Two tech giants have done exactly that — LG and Samsung — but while it was very likely the LG G5 would be revealed on 21 February, we never had any confirmation…until now. LG USA has released three teaser images featuring the number 5 plus a caption reading #LGG5, February 21st. #MWC2016″. #Hype?

Worth noting that LG USA has since removed the tweet. Was it a blunder or an intentional tease?

This means the G5 and Samsung’s dynamic Galaxy S7 duo will go head to head on the same day. While we’ve heard a lot of exciting specs about these two devices, we want to know is, which would you get?

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Here’s confirmation that the LG G5 will be completely redesigned

The LG G5 has been a hot topic of discussion lately with Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress closing in. There were talks of a radical redesign, dual cameras and even a full metal body with a removable battery! LG was even apparently moving their volume and power buttons back to the side of their smartphones.

While all of that were just rumours before this, now we have what looks like actual confirmation of what the device will look like as well as some of its hardware features.

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Huawei P9 to come in four models — one of which has a dual-camera set up

Big smartphone manufacturers seem to love adding variants to their popular devices so you can pretty much expect at least two versions of what is essentially the same smartphone (or at least under the same line) that will cater to different people’s needs. Huawei isn’t bucking this trend as new information has surfaced that they’re launching four different variants of their upcoming P9 handset — one more than last year. What’s more, the fourth device will feature a dual rear camera setup.

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This phone might restore your faith in Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft‘s Windows 10 Mobile flagships have not had the…warmest of receptions. Both the Lumia 950 and 950 XL were plagued with bugs and poor (particularly plasticky) build quality which irked even the most steadfast of Windows Phone fans.

Perhaps Microsoft simply doesn’t know how to make good flagship mobile devices, but that’s a tough claim to make considering not many are having a go at it.

Until now.

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