Here are our predictions for the Galaxy S10 prices in Malaysia

The Samsung Galaxy S10 global launch is happening this coming Thursday 21st February at 3am Malaysian time and we expect Samsung Malaysia to offer pre-orders very soon. If you’re curious about its actual pricing, here’s our prediction for the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+.

Before we begin, do note that this is just our prediction based on the market situation. The Malaysian pricing for Samsung flagships smartphones is often lower compared to other countries so it is likely that the Galaxy S10 will retain this trend.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10e is a new affordable model in the series that is expected to feature a smaller 5.8″ flat display. The Galaxy S10e is likely to compete with standard (non-pro) “flagship” models like the Huawei P20 (Launch RRP: RM2,599) and Mate 20 (Launch RRP: RM2,799).

Since the standard Galaxy S10 will definitely carry a price tag above RM3,000, we reckon that the cheaper Galaxy S10e could be priced around the RM2,500-RM2,700 for the base 128GB model.

Samsung Galaxy S10

For the Galaxy S10 that is rumoured to come with a slightly larger 6.1″ display, we think that Samsung will retain a similar price tag as the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S9 with 64GB of storage was launched with a RM3,299 price tag and we are predicting that the newer S10 with 128GB of storage could be priced around RM3,200-RM3,400.

In other markets, Samsung is rumoured to offer a higher spec 8GB RAM + 512GB storage option for the S10. However, we think that Samsung Malaysia would only offer multiple storage options for its higher Galaxy S10+ model just like the Galaxy S9+.

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Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Galaxy S10+ is the top of the line model in the latest flagship series. Previously, the Galaxy S9+ with 64GB of storage was priced at RM3,799, but surprisingly, the Galaxy Note9 which was launched later had a lower starting price of RM3,699 for 6GB RAM + 128GB storage.

We are expecting the Galaxy S10+ to be priced around RM3,600-RM3,800 for the base 6GB RAM + 128GB storage model and RM4,500-RM4,700 for the 8GB RAM + 512GB storage option. If the Galaxy S10+ Limited Edition that comes with 12GB RAM and 1TB is offered locally, this could be the most expensive model yet. We are predicting that the 1TB model could be priced anywhere between RM5,700 to RM6,200. Apart from RAM and storage, the limited edition S10+ is expected to come with a more expensive ceramic back instead of glass.

Pre-order promo

For early bird customers, you can expect Samsung to dish out special promos before the S10 trio goes on sale officially. When the Galaxy Note9 was announced, Samsung Malaysia had offered a free Gear Sport, an extra strap and a wireless charger for pre-order customers. For the Galaxy S10, we are expecting Samsung to bundle a pair of Galaxy Buds or a new Galaxy smartwatch. For added value, Samsung could also offer free extended warranty and screen crack protection for pre-order customers.

Below is a recap of our price prediction. What do you think about the pricing? Should it be cheaper or higher? Let us know in the comments section.

Galaxy 10e 128GB – RM2,500 – RM2,700

Galaxy 10 128GB – RM3,200 – RM3,400

Galaxy 10+ 128GB – RM3,600 – RM3,800

Galaxy 10+ 512GB – RM4,500 – RM4,700

Galaxy 10+ 1TB – RM5,700 – RM6,200

Alexander Wong