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ICYMI #18: Unifi special announcement, Pocophone F1 DxOMark score, Redmi Note 7 & more!

We will begin today’s episode with breaking news. TM made a special announcement today, and we have Alex on site with the details! In the meantime, the Redmi Note 7 with 18-months of warranty will be available in Malaysia pretty soon. To learn more, you can tune in to today’s ICYMI where we bring you the latest news and stories that mattered today, in case you missed it.

Unifi special announcement!

TM has made some announcements today as part of its #khabarbaik movement! What could it possibly be?

Redmi Note 7 available in Malaysia

Even though there’s no official word from Xiaomi Malaysia, it looks like DirectD has spilled the beans on when the new Redmi Note 7 will launch locally.

DxOMark Pocophone F1 camera analysis

DxOMark has released the results of its camera analysis of the Pocophone F1 and to our surprise, it is better than the Google Pixel. Click here to find out more.

Yoodoo offers 3X Data for booster add-ons

Need more data for this upcoming festive season? Yoodo is now offering 3X data with its booster add-on promotion!

TuneTalk offers up to 8GB of free data

TuneTalk will be giving out free data up to 8GB when you subscribe to their monthly data plans. To find out more click here.

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