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Pocophone F1 is slightly better than the Google Pixel according to DxOMark Mobile

Pocophone F1 DxoMark

The Pocophone F1 is a great value for money flagship killer for 2018 that comes with a 12MP f/1.9 main and a 5MP f/2.0 secondary camera. While the cameras aren’t as great as other mainstream contenders that cost 2-3 times more, it’s still pretty decent for its asking price.

The folks at DxOMark have finally published their camera review of the Pocophone F1 and surprisingly, it’s better than their highest rated smartphone from 2017.

The Pocophone F1 was given an overall score of 91 which is a point higher than the Google Pixel and HTC U11. The device is merely a point below the iPhone 8 and three points below the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

To break it down, the Pocophone F1 scored 92 for photos and 90 for the video category. According to DxOMark, the F1 delivers respectable performance but it lands outside of their top 20 list. They commended the device’s excellent autofocus performance, nice flash pictures and pleasant colours in their test conditions.

When it comes to HDR, it isn’t as great as other contenders and they noted that contrast is occasionally low in some outdoor and indoor scenes. Despite lacking OIS, they found video recording to be well stabilised in both walking and panning, as well as static handheld shots. You can check out the full review here.

Below is DxoMark Mobile’s current smartphone ranking for your reference:


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