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Yoodo kicks off 2019 by offering 20GB add-ons for RM1

Yoodo 2019 RM1 add-ons

Yoodo’s 20GB data booster for RM20 promo is ending very soon but the digital telco is replacing it with an even more affordable deal. Starting 1st January 2019, you can enjoy 20GB add-ons for only RM1 each.

With this offer, you can get 20GB of Facebook, 20GB of Instagram, 20GB of YouTube or 20GB of WhatsApp data for only RM1 each. Unlike the current data booster promo which you can add at any time, these add-ons must be subscribed as part of your current plan.

In other words, existing subscribers will need to change their plan and select the add-ons they want before the next billing cycle. For new subscribers, you can select these add-ons straightaway when you customise your Yoodo plan for the first time.

As a comparison, Yoodo currently charges either RM5 or RM10 per month for these 20GB add-ons. The new add-on rates will only be shown on 1st January 2019 so you can’t see it yet on the Yoodo app.

It isn’t clear if Yoodo allows you to subscribe to all four add-ons. If it does, that’s a whopping 80GB of combined data for only RM4. This offer is available for one month and it will end on 31 January 2019.

According to their footnote, you’ll need to have a base data plan first before you can purchase these add-ons. The cheapest data you can buy is RM12/month for 2GB, followed by RM25/month for 5GB and RM35/month for 10GB.

Another new update for Yoodo is that they finally accept online banking as a mode of payment. Previously, Yoodo requires a credit and debit card for its plan subscription. Now, you have the option to manually top up your Yoodo account and your subscription charges and add-ons will deduct from your balance.

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For more info, check out Yoodo’s RM1 add-on promo page.

Alexander Wong