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Yoodo continues to offer 20GB data for RM20 until 31 December 2018

Yoodo, the customisable hybrid plan that runs on Celcom’s network has just extended its current 20GB data for RM20 offer. If you’ve been enjoying this mobile data deal since August, you’ll be happy to know that you can enjoy the same offer for at least two more months.

To recap, this 20GB deal is offered as a boost add-on which is basically a top up of your existing plan. If all you need is just data without calls, you can customise your Yoodo plan with a minimum of RM3/month for 50 SMS and then add-on this 20GB boost plan for RM20. Just launch the Yoodo app, and tap more “Buy More” in the usage section. The add-on validity will follow your plan’s billing cycle.

If you’re still not on Yoodo yet, you can order your free SIM which will be delivered to you for free. As part of their on-going promotion, they are also giving a one-time RM20 free credit which you can use to pay for your 20GB add-on. This means you’ll only pay RM3 for the minimum RM3/month 50 SMS plan for the first month.

In case you missed it, Yoodo is offering free data roaming usage in 41 countries outside of South East Asia. To take your data with you, Yoodo has a Roam Like Home Pass which costs RM10/day. Initially available in selected countries around South East Asia, Yoodo is now testing this feature in more countries as a Free Beta trial.

Since you can use all of your data overseas, this is quite a good bargain since you can utilise that cheap 20GB data that you’ve purchased for RM20. There’s no bill shock with Yoodo since it won’t let you roam until you purchase the pass. I’ve used the free pass for several days in the UK and it works well with 4G connectivity. However, it didn’t work during my transit via Qatar.

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If you’re interested, you can visit Yoodo’s website.

Alexander Wong