Apple gave the whole audience on the Ellen Show an iPhone XR each

The whole audience in attendance at a very special Ellen Show all received an iPhone XR. The giveaway could be part of Apple’s ongoing big-budget promotional campaign for what many consider is the company’s most important iPhone.

As per tradition for this time of the year, The Ellen Show always does a 12 days of giveaways and this is the first time Apple had pitched in with goodies.

The iPhone XR starts from US$749 in the States and typically, there’s about 400 people in the audience of the Ellen Show. If you do the math, that’s at least US$300,000 worth of iPhones that Apple just gave away.

But if you think that’s a lot of money well, it’s not. Relatively speaking of course. In February of this year, Ellen partnered with popular US cereal brand, Cheerios and gave US$1 million for her audience members to split amongst themselves. Assuming the same 400 people audience, that’s about US$2,500 each!

Just for the fun of it, in comparison, the most expensive iPhone you can get in the US is the 512GB iPhone XS max which will set you back US$1,499

In any case, check out the video of the part of the show where Ellen, together with Julia Roberts, announced to everyone in the audience that they were all getting an iPhone XR.

Interestingly, Greg Joswiak, the VP of product marketing at Apple, said recently that the iPhone XR is the company’s best-selling iPhone.