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Counter-petition calling for Gobind Singh to remain as communications minister appears on

A few days ago, a petition was created on calling for Gobind Singh Deo, the current communications minister to resign on allegations of making statements that are deemed unfair towards TM. The claims that the statements made by the minister have caused TM to lose RM12 billion in market capitalisation since he took office. The petition has since collected over 23,000 virtual signatures. It could be argued that due to this pressure, the minister has taken a more measured tone when making statements about TM.

We’ve discovered that a counter-petition calling for Gobind Singh to remain as the communications minister has appeared on the popular petition website,

The creators of the petition say that it has only been five months since the Pakatan government was formed and for changes to happen, the appointed officials will need time and support.

This petition is asking for a fair chance to be given to the Pakatan Rakyat Government who have been handed the legitimate mandate to make the necessary reforms that is so needed to save Malaysia

At the time of writing, the petition has gathered less than 1,000 supporters and many believe that the minister is justified is his actions.

A netizen who goes by the name ‘thiben subra’ commented on the petition site:

Gobind is working for rakyat not for some moron. He serves the rakyat not the 10% or 20% .This is what will happen when gov privatize and they hold back gov for ransom like this.It’s won’t be an issue if gov fully own it.I personally believe that gov must not privatise basic necessity like water and telecommunication thus gov will have the full say on it and to provide access for every single rakyat.Let him do the right thing that some failed to do before this.#Sayangi Malaysiaku #Remain Gobind Singh Deo

Another netizen, ‘Tan Loong Ang’, says:

Gobind is one of the more hardworking ministers Malaysia ever had and he meant business. No more lopsided contracts for Telekom.

Whatever the case may be, there has been a significant development in relations between the two parties. Gobind has said that he is prepared to work with TM to address customer issues especially the reduction of Streamyx subscription fees and the expansion of unifi coverage to more areas.