Petition won’t stop me from speaking for the people, says Gobind

YB Gobind Singh Deo answer a question from the reporters at the Parliament lobby November 21,2018. ― Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri, Malay Mail

Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo asserted today that he will not allow any petitions obstruct him from doing his ministerial duties.

Referring to an online petition demanding that he resign as minister after his criticism of monopoly service provider Telekom Malaysia (TM) Bhd, the minister said the petitioners are free to initiate it.

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Counter-petition calling for Gobind Singh to remain as communications minister appears on

A few days ago, a petition was created on calling for Gobind Singh Deo, the current communications minister to resign on allegations of making statements that are deemed unfair towards TM. The claims that the statements made by the minister have caused TM to lose RM12 billion in market capitalisation since he took office. The petition has since collected over 23,000 virtual signatures. It could be argued that due to this pressure, the minister has taken a more measured tone when making statements about TM.

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Gobind’s Ministry is prepared to assist TM in solving the Streamyx problem

TM Streamyx

After several exchanges through the media and social network platforms, Gobind Singh Deo, the minister of Communications and Multimedia has assured that the Malaysian government is prepared to assist the telco to find a solution for Streamyx that will benefit everyone. In his tweet, he added that he looks forward to discuss proposals with TM on the matter by next week. 

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Petition asking for an “unbiased” Communications and Multimedia Minister appears online

The Communications and Multimedia Minister has made several of public statements recently especially about TM and it seems there are a number of people that don’t agree with his approach so much so that a petition calling for his replacement has appeared on the popular petitions website, At the time of writing, the petition has amassed over 4,500 virtual signatures. 

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Unifi, Streamyx and Maxis service interruptions caused by cable cuts

TM Unifi Maxis Slow

UPDATE: TM has added that the cable cut occurred due to MRT and Sabak Bernam West Coast Expressway construction works. 

UPDATE 2: TM services were fully restored at 10AM. TM has highlighted this issue to the local councils and they will be taking necessary actions against the responsible contractors. 

TM’s services including Unifi, Streamyx and Unifi Mobile were interrupted since Saturday evening at 11PM. As a result, customers had to endure slow connectivity for the entire day yesterday. This issue had also impacted Maxis Fibre as they are TM’s wholesale customer. 

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Here’s how Gobind can tackle the Streamyx problem

When Gobind Singh Deo took over as the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, he vowed to increase our broadband speeds while reducing subscription cost by half. In the past few months, we saw fibre broadband subscription rates getting slashed to an all time low. You can now get a fibre broadband plan from as low as RM79/month and 1Gbps can be enjoyed for as little as RM199/month which is a dream come true for most Malaysians.

As I’ve mentioned previously, cheap broadband isn’t going to solve our biggest problem. Fibre connections are limited to selected urban areas and this leaves many Malaysians stuck with slower and more expensive connections.

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Almost 180,000 eligible Streamyx customers have yet to upgrade to Unifi Fibre Broadband

Now is probably the best time to sign up for fibre broadband in Malaysia. You can get a 30Mbps broadband plan from as low as RM79/month, or 100Mbps broadband with unlimited quota for only RM129/month.

Unfortunately, not everyone is enjoying faster speeds at lower prices. There are still more than 1 million TM customers that are still connected on Streamyx.

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