Xiaomi’s AirDots are five times cheaper than Apple’s AirPods

Xiaomi is known for cheap and good gadgets, from smartphones to headphones, Xiaomi products are easy on the pocket. It’s no different with these wireless earphones from Xiaomi. Called AirDots, these AirPod-style wireless earbuds are on sale in China for under RM120. Apple, on the other hand, charge RM650 for a pair of AirPods.

In terms of specifications, the AirDots uses a 7.2mm audio driver. In comparison, these are 1.8mm smaller than the drivers in the Apple AirPods. You get touch panels on the side of the earbuds for playback control and answering phone calls. You can also call up Xiaomi’s AI assistant with two taps of the touch panel.  

Similar to the AirPods, the AirDots are charged by its carrying case. On a single charge, you get 4 hours of audio time while the included wireless charging case extends runtime to 12 hours.

Mmm…the soothing sounds of good value for money

However, unlike the AirPods, the AirDots have silicon tips which will fit snugly inside your ears while providing a better job at blocking out noise. Plus, the AirDots do not have the weird stem design like the AirPods and that makes the AirDots look better in my opinion.

The other key differences between the two earbuds are their price. The Mi AirDots are significantly cheaper than the AirPods. The AirDots is priced at just CNY200 (around RM120) whereas the AirPods sells for RM650. However, there’s no telling whether Xiaomi will be able to reach Apple’s standard when it comes to the overall hearing experience, but at RM120 though, the AirDots are still a great value.

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For now, the AirDots are only available for pre-order in China from the November 11. It is unclear whether the Mi AirDots will make their way into the international markets, but we will keep you posted if there’s any developments.