Samsung has three new Infinity Displays that come with a notch

Samsung is a leader when it comes to Super AMOLED displays. Over the years, they have managed to fit a larger display without increasing the width of their smartphones. The double curved Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S6 edge was one of their greatest breakthroughs and on the Galaxy S8, they have trimmed down its forehead and chin to create a tall Infinity Display.

While most manufacturers have gone with the notch route, Samsung has refrained from following the trend for quite some time now. During its developer conference in San Francisco, it appears that Samsung will eventually release a notch smartphone with its new range of Infinity Displays. There’s not just one but three different designs but fortunately, it’s less intrusive than the rest.

The Korean smartphone maker had teased three different “notched” Infinity Displays which features a small cutout just for the selfie camera. The Infinity U is similar to what we’ve seen on the Essential phone and Infinity V is basically the same thing but with a V shape cut.

What’s interesting is Infinity O which is just a circular cutout that’s placed on the left side of the screen. This is similar to what we’ve seen during the preview of the Galaxy A8s in China. The hole isn’t connected to the edge of the screen so it will be interesting to see how that would affect the UI.

Of course, most users will prefer an all-screen edge-to-edge display without a notch. There’s also “New Infinity” that has no notch at all. This could be implemented as a slider phone or perhaps Samsung could be utilising a new panel that can hide the camera, speaker and fingerprint sensor under the display. This “notchless” approach might be implemented on the next flagship Galaxy S model based on a clue on Android Pie beta.

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If Samsung has to implement a notch, which concept looks better to you? Infinity U, Infinity V or Infinity O? Let us know in the comments below.

You can watch the presentation of the new Infinity Displays at 1:22:00 below:

Alexander Wong