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Galaxy S10’s new edge-to-edge display revealed in Android Pie Beta update

Samsung Galaxy S10 teased

Samsung is expected to release an all new design for the Galaxy S10. The current Infinity Display with a noticeable forehead and chin has been around for two years now. For the next model, it looks like Samsung is going for a near bezel-less edge-to-edge display but unlike the rest, there won’t be a notch at the top.

Based on @UniverseIce’s tweet, the latest Android Pie beta release for the Galaxy Note9 had revealed something interesting about Samsung’s next big thing. The update comes with a new Night Theme mode which automatically transitions to dark mode as night falls. 

If you look at the interface, it showed a device with thin symmetrical bezels all round and there’s no notch at the top. This is very likely to be the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Samsung accidentally revealed their upcoming device on a beta firmware. They have done it before on beta versions of Android Nougat as well as Oreo.

With no notch at the top, the biggest question is where will the selfie camera be? The Galaxy S10 could have a tiny hole like what was teased earlier for the Galaxy A8s. Camera aside, there are other components to consider as well like its proximity sensor and earpiece speaker. 

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Sensor Integrated Tech

According to Sammobile, Samsung had revealed a new integrated sensor technology during the Samsung OLED Forum in China. This enables a smartphone to have a fingerprint sensor, camera module and even speakers underneath the display. We could probably expect most of these new features on their upcoming Galaxy S10. 

Apart from Samsung, other Chinese manufacturers had also attempted on an all-screen smartphone without having a notch. Xiaomi, honor and Lenovo had recently released a slider phone which uses a manual mechanism to hide its front cameras. For ZTE’s sub-brand, Nubia, they have taken a different path by introducing a dual-screen smartphone with no selfie cameras at all. 

The Galaxy S10 is expected to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2019. If what we are seeing here is true, this could be the most groundbreaking all-screen smartphone to look out for next year. 

On top of that, it is also speculated that the Galaxy S10 will run on a new Exynos 9820 chip that’s based on a 7nm Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) process. There’s also dual NPU for faster AI performance which is used for photography.

Alexander Wong