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Digi’s wireless broadband plans now upgraded with up to 50% more data

Digi has just revised their wireless broadband offering with more data quota at the same price. The plans start from RM45/month and they offer up to 100GB quota which can be used as a portable WiFi or as a home broadband solution.

As usual, Digi splits its data quota for all usage and for streaming. The streaming quota can be used for selected platforms which include YouTube, NetFlix, iflix, AstroGo, HeroTalkies, Viu, Tonton, Dimsum, Spotify, Raku and Apple Music.

The base Broadband Monthly 45 plan (RM45/month) comes with 15GB of base quota and 10GB for streaming (Upgraded from 8GB base + 7GB streaming) while the mid-tier Broadband Monthly 65 plan (RM65/month) gets 30GB of base quota and 20GB for streaming (Upgraded from 20GB base + 15GB streaming). The highest Broadband Monthly 105 option (RM105/month) comes with 60GB of base quota and 40GB quota for streaming (Upgraded from 40GB base + 35GB streaming).

If you’re an existing Digi customer, you can get an extra lifetime rebate of RM5/month for Broadband Monthly 45, and RM10/month rebate for Broadband Monthly 65 and 105.

In terms of devices, they are offering two Huawei MiFi’s that are capable of 4G LTE and 4G LTE-A. To purchase the MiFi on contract, you’ll have to pay Digi monthly device fee for 12 months plus a device “upfront” fee during sign up. Unlike a typical smartphone bundle where the upfront fee is rebated back to your monthly bill, the device upfront fee is actually a non-refundable downpayment for the device.

For example, if you’re getting the E5577s MiFi, you’ll have to fork out RM100 + (RM9 x 12 months) which effectively costs you RM208. As you commit to a higher plan, the device upfront fee gets cheaper and you’ll only need to pay for the monthly device fee if you get the E5577s MiFi on the highest plan. The LTE-A capable E5785 MiFi (speeds up to 300Mbps) is only offered on the Broadband Monthly 105 plan and it will cost you RM150 upfront and RM9 for 12 months.

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For those intending to use the wireless broadband service at home, Digi is also offering the Huawei B315s home router which supports 4G LTE with speeds up to 150Mbps. On the Broadband Monthly 65 plan, it will cost RM180 upfront and it’s RM120 upfront if you commit to a Broadband Monthly 105 Plan. The same RM9 device fee for 12 months will also apply for the Huawei home router.

In terms of real-world performance, Digi says that you can expect consistent speeds of at least 10Mbps on 4G LTE and 20Mbps on its faster 4G LTE-A network. Once you’ve finished your quota, you can continue to stay connected but at slower 2G speeds. For more info, check out Digi’s Broadband page.

Overall, Digi’s wireless offering is more affordable than Maxis’ Wireless home broadband solution and it appeals to light users that consume less than 25GB per month. However, in terms of data quota and upfront cost, Celcom might be the better option for home users.

They also offer 3 wireless broadband plans ranging from RM70 – RM150 per month and they are bundling up to 1TB of extra data for video and music streaming. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about the devices as Celcom provides a Huawei B618 router on a free loan with a 24 months contract. If you’re looking for a contract-less alternative, there’s also Unifi Wireless but you’ll need to buy the Huawei B618 router outright at RM565.

Alexander Wong