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Half of iOS devices have upgraded to iOS 12 in less than a month

Apple has just reached a new milestone for its mobile operating system. Barely four weeks since its public rollout, the new iOS 12 is now running on half of iOS devices worldwide. This include the iPhone, iPad and 6th generation iPod touch models.

Looking at the chart released by Apple Developers’ page, 50% of iOS devices are on iOS 12 while iOS 11 is still running on 39% of total devices. Meanwhile, about 11% of devices are still running on iOS 10 or older.

The adoption rate is faster than iOS 11 which took a month and half to reach 52%. If you look at iOS devices that were released in the past four years, 53% of them are on iOS 12 followed by 40% on iOS 11.

With iOS 12, performance is one of its key focus and it promises to improve responsiveness on older iPhone models including the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. Apple claims that you can expect up to 70% faster camera launches and up to 2X faster app loading through its software optimisation. iOS 12 is compatible with the following models:

In case you missed it, the latest iOS update is iOS 12.0.1 and this fixes several bugs related to connectivity and #ChargeGate.


Alexander Wong